Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PROMPTuesday #40 - First Job

This is my first time participating in a PROMPTuesday, and it happens to be about our "First Job". This one is pretty easy...hopefully it won't be too boring.

My first job was at an Italian restaurant called Poma's Ristorante in Fountain Hills, AZ. I got this job when I was 14 years old, and I was a Busser along with my BFF, Gina. Her older brother, Nick, had this job, and then somehow got way cooler and got a job at the local video store...so his busser position was open. My BFF got it...then after a month or something like that, I was able to come on board. It was a totally gross job...we had to clear people's nasty spaghetti plates and put them in the "Bus Cart" which was up against the wall near the back of the restaurant and you would inevitably get "splatter" on the wall behind the Bus Cart. So, one of my funniest memories of this job was when our "boss" who was basically the dude that made the pizzas and sandwiches and told people what to do with them (totally not the boss...because the boss was a big guy named Al Poma...and this "boss" was not Al...in fact, I forget what his name actually was). So anywho, fake "boss" told my real BFF, to go ahead and clean the splatter from behind the Bus Cart and then said to put "elbow grease" into it. I was busy prepping stuff for the salad bar, such as slicing tomatoes, grating cheese, etc...so I didn't realize that Gina had been gone for several minutes. Then, I hear her voice coming from the supply closet..."I can't find the Elbow Grease!!". To which my laughter joins the rest of the laughter from the people who knew what 'Elbow Grease' meant...which my 15 year old BFF did not know...and the only reason I knew was because I was being raised by my grandparents who taught me all kinds of old stuff, such as calling a wallet a "billfold". Ahhh...good times.


San Diego Momma said...

Heeeeee! I love that! I bet some big company comes out with some Elbow Grease cleaner now.

Also? The splatter? Gross to the grossest degree.

Danielle said...

I could never have done that. I hate clearing even my family plates let alone someone I don't know!!!