Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PROMPTuesday #179: The Senses

Wow - it has been SO long since I've blogged - and SO long since I've participated in a PROMPTuesday!

"Write a paragraph (or more if you’re a supahstah) describing where you are right now this very minute. Look out the window if there is one. Detail any sounds you hear, what you see, even what you feel. "

Right this very minute, I'm laying in bed, with my laptop on my lap (well on the really cool laptop lap desk thing-a-majigger that my grandparents got me for my birthday or Christmas one year - and it really has been a super useful gift!). An almost finished glass of Gewurtztraminer on my night stand.

One of my cats is laying next to my leg purring - she will most likely start her cleaning regimen at any second. Ew.

I have papers and folders all strewn about my bed because I was getting some work done, and trying to turn in before Midnight -'s 11:53 now...maybe if I hurry.

My husband is in New Mexico for work, so I get the whole king bed to myself tonight - but I'll most likely stay tucked on 'my side'.

I hear a hum of something, but not really sure what it is - and if I strain really hard I can hear the cars on the freeway buzzing along - unless it's a semi-truck - I can hear those pretty well.

I really want to meet my goal of getting to bed before Midnight, even if it is only a couple minutes - so I'm going to stack all my papers and folders and put them away. Shut the laptop lid. Shoo the cat out of my room. And hopefully fall asleep quickly.

Thanks Deb for continuing to do these PROMPTuesdays - especially for us wayfarers who get sucked into Facebook and entirely neglect our blogs - only to come back and find comfort in the familiar. <3


Unknown said...

I had to google Gewurtztraminer. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Welcome back!

San Diego Momma/Two Funny Brains said...

Good to see you Crystal!
Shizz howdy, i missed ya.

Anyway! That almost finished glass of Gewurtztraminer on your night stand sounds delightful.

And you know what's funny? How many of us wrote about our laptops for this prompt!

We are women of the online world for sure!


Crystal said...

Shizz Howdy! *snort* :-)