Monday, April 13, 2009

Bronchitis or some crap

So...I had been sick since a couple Tuesday's ago, way back in March (okay it was the 31st but it was still March dammit). The worst days were Tuesday through Friday, because not only was I sick...but two of my kids were sick too. By that Saturday we were feeling well enough to get out and about a little bit...but we all still had a nagging cough. The girls proceeded to get better and better...but I was still barking like a dog every time I coughed. I finally decided to take all 3 of us to the doctor this past was me, Cita and Monkey. Monkey and Cita's issue both stemmed from allergies. Cita was fine, he said just to keep giving her the children's Zyrtec. Monkey was mostly fine, but one of her ears was looking irritated, so he gave her some Amoxicillin. Then we got to me, and my left lung "didn't sound good", so I got a breathing treatment in the office, sent home with an inhaler and prescriptions for another inhaler if I needed it, some antiobiotics, and some of that cough medicine with codeine in it. I only filled the antiobitic prescriptions for both Monkey and I. I don't need to be on anything with codeine in it...I'm loopy enough thank you very much. hehe

I have now coughed so hard that I lost 2 pounds and am getting a six pack (haha...I wish)...but I seriously did blow a blood vessel in my forehead, it's bulging out and it's gross.

The girls are doing okay though, which is good...and my oldest and my youngest got to skip it entirely. But my husband got nabbed this past Thursday, and was dealing with it through the weekend. Poor guy.

I also got the house inspected for mold last week because it seems as though someone in our household has been sick since December...and that just blows. So, I wondered if it had anything to do with mold because the house we're renting is old, and potentially moldy. And yep, we do have mold...and we have nasty, filthy air ducts. That means we're constantly breathing in nasty stuff, and our poor little immune systems are constantly in "fight" mode...which may be why we have been getting sick so often. Anywho...since we're renting, it is technically the landlord's responsibility to clean the mold and the air ducts. But I just got the quotes today and it's going to be like $3000 for everything...and I think the landlord is going to laugh in our faces. But, really, now that he'll be aware that he has mold, he will have to fix it before he rents to anyone else, or tries to sell the place. I'm actually just looking to get out of the lease altogether because we really are in need of a bigger place now that our family has grown. So we'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I hope things get resolved at your place and you all get to feeling better!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh man, when it rains, it pours--then it gets all mildewy and moldy, eh?