Sunday, January 31, 2010


So, remember a couple weeks ago when I was all shocked and surprised because my OB/GYN bumped my due date up to Feb 1? Yeah, well, when I went in for my appointment this past Tuesday, Dr. S goes "Well, you're measuring about a week behind, but that's OK". So, I casually mention the confusion there had been surrounding my due date. So, she scrutinizes my chart a little bit more in-depth, and finds, that "Oh yes, after the ultrasounds..." (I had to have a couple cuz I had some issues early on) " appears that we should have your date at the 7th or the 8th, so I think we're going to go with that." I calmly say "That's kind of what I thought"...and she says "Wow, I don't think I've ever moved a date back this late in the game without the woman crying." But, in all honesty, for about 8 1/2 months, I was thinking it was later in February anyway, and was more in shock when they started saying Feb 1st again than I was when she put me back to the later date. BUT - it was kind of nice to think I would be having a baby closer to now, versus closer to next Sunday - but we shall see what happens. I rarely have early babies -I've only had one come early. Cita (daughter #2) was born 2 days early - she was due on April Fool's Day - but at my last doctor appointment prior to Cita's birth, I had them do a procedure called 'stripping the membranes' - tooooooootally gross sounding, I know - but it's supposed to kick-start labor. My doctor was on call that weekend, and I really wanted her to deliver Cita, so I had her do it, and I delivered her that weekend - two days early on 03/30/02. SAM (#1) was 8 days late, they induced...Monkey (#3) was RIGHT on her due date, and Baby Pants (#4) was 4 days late. So my babies really like to cook until they're completely done. :)

Yesterday, I taught my last baby signing class to my group of 4 families. They did GREAT! It was so funny how all the toddlers that I had in class were pretty shy on the first 3 classes, but then by the last class on Saturday, they were best buddies. Really cute. And one of the little boys kept running around the classroom signing "Grumpy" because we were singing a 'How are you?' song - and one of the lyrics asks "Are you feeling 'Grumpy'?". I made graduation certificates for all of them, and I bought these really cute animal hand puppets when I was at Ikea last weekend as their graduation gift. All the kiddos love the animal signs unit, so I thought it would be fun for them to have an animal to play with while they practice their animal signs.

Then after class, we had lunch at home - and then it was time to do Saturday cleaning. I'm really hoping that the baby comes in the next couple of days while the house is still somewhat clean, because I don't really want to have to do the whole cleaning routine again before the baby comes. hehe. I do have the carpet cleaner guy coming tomorrow at 9am to do the whole house, and my two sofas. So, once that's done, THEN, I'll be ready to have a baby. As far as house preparation goes anyway.

I have a few more things at work that I need to wrap up. The latter end of this week was swallowed up with conference calls, so I didn't get much actual 'work' done. So, hopefully this Monday and Tuesday will be all I need to get everything closed off. Then I can feel comfortable walking away from that for a couple months.

Oh...and how can I forget to mention the Mexican Food I got to have with my BFF last week? I had a cheese enchilada with rice and beans - I think I was "this close" to licking my plate. We followed lunch with the MOST yummy fried ice cream ever made on the planet. OK, if you ever visit the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona - you HAVE to go to Ajo Al's ( - their fried ice cream is SOOOOO good. Most places just roll the ice cream in the oats and put some whip cream on it and call it good. But Ajo Al's rolls the ice cream in the oats, soaks the whole thing in honey, pours strawberries and strawberry sauce over the entire thing, then puts the whip cream on and sprinkles that with cinnamon. It's the B-O-M-B. And now I totally just made myself want some Ajo Al's fried ice cream dang it - and it's 8am on a Sunday morning.

Today consists of going to church in a couple of hours, having lunch, and then probably some laundry. I also have to get some work done today because I have a PowerPoint due tomorrow - but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it during Baby Pants' nap time, or if I'm going to nap with her. I napped with her yesterday from 3:30p to 6:30p - it was lovely...have I mentioned I love naps? Especially with a little toddler that snuggles up all close to you and holds your face while she sleeps? It's way cute and cuddly. I think I'll probably also set up the little bassinet that we have and wash the sheets and stuff for that. We have the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper, it's a bassinet that you can drop one of the sides down and put it right up against your bed - so it's like your baby is sleeping with you, but they still have their own little space. :)

OK - that's about all - I can hear my two middle children fighting (but trying not to get caught because they shut their door) - so I better go break that up.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

O' Labor Where Art Thou?

Sorry for the title, but my brain couldn't really come up with a clever title, and I was just thinking that my hubby was watching O' Brother Where Art Thou? last night, so just a switchy switchy of one word, and there you have it - my title.

I've been working my booty off for the last few days, both at home and work. We got a lot done this weekend as far as the home organization I wanted to do before baby comes. I'm really excited about the furniture we got rid of, moved around, or purchased (just one little cube storage shelf unit thingie - but it hides so many toys in its cute little neutral-colored canvas box thingies). I actually have a desk I can sit at that my laptop will fit on because we got rid of all the junk the other one was storing on top of it. There's still more to do - but I'm content with where we are and wouldn't be upset if the baby came now, like today. hehe

For work I put in a few hours last night, and 10+ hours today. It will probably be the same tomorrow as I'm in the "tie up all the loose ends" mode, since this should be my last week. Hopefully everything will be pretty well wrapped up by Tuesday or Wednesday - but it's not like I'm going to a faraway land, you know? My bosses and co-workers are like all freaked out about the stuff that I cover and I'm like "You can always call me" - and shoot, I might even do a little work whilst on my maternity leave if need be. I'm having a baby, not turning into an invalid. Maybe if it was my first go-round at this thing, it might be a little tougher to juggle newborn baby and work duties - but I think I'm a pretty good multi-tasker now...and I've been sleep deprived for the past 12 years, so nothing new there. hehe

Tomorrow my day is pretty well booked with doctor's appointments, meetings, data analysis, and a fun lunch with my BFF. yay! Mexican food - oh yeah! AND fried ice cream. woo hoo!

I really wanted to get a pedicure some time before the baby comes - my toenails haven't been painted since ummm...May? June? Somewhere in there. I've just never really been the type that keeps my toes up, except for clipping them - because I totally can not STAND long toenails. But for whatever reason, whenever I'm getting ready to go into the hospital to have a baby, I always want my toes painted - you know, for the nursing staff or whatever. But who knows if that will get fit into this week.

Parent-Teacher conferences are this week. I went to SAM's tonight - she's my 7th grader. The teachers were talking to me about how she's shaping up well to have a great start in 8th grade next year. I'm like "What?? 8th Grade? Can you please let me deal with 7th grade, before you start throwing 8th grade in my face for cryin out loud???!!!" Because guess what THAT makes me think? OMG...come this time NEXT year, SAM's 8th grade teachers are going to be talking to me about 9th grade - HIGH SCHOOL - and that is SO not cool. SO not ready to be the mommy of a high schooler - holy cow!

Cita's conference will be on Wednesday - she's in 2nd grade. This conference is "student-led", so Cita will be with me taking me through her schedule and her packet of schoolwork they've collected throughout the year. It should be pretty fun.

Then, Thursday & Friday both SAM & Cita have half-days at school, so they get to come home around lunch time and be with me while I'm telecommuting this week. Should be good times, as long as they don't beat each other up when I'm not looking...but I can HEAR it...I have ears like a rabbit...or whatever other kind of animal has really good hearing. Even if you know I can't SEE you, if you are under 18 yrs old, I can totally HEAR what you're doing from across the house. hehe

OK - I was up until after 2am last night, and it's going on 1230am now - so I better skee-daddle off to bed because I'm sleepy.

Little baby - if you'd like to come out of there soon - that would be just fine by me. ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Thing

Well...I'm glad I had such a rockin Thursday because from Sunday through today has been kinda "bleh". Friday was OK, I just worked and we had family dinner night out, which did contain a bit of drama but nothing too big. Saturday was extremely busy - I had my baby signing class to teach in the morning, then I met up with two of my best girlfriends and their kiddos at the Phoenix Zoo, and then hurried home to get ready for Supercross at Chase Stadium. Saturday was also my 2 year wedding anniversary. :) We got to go to Supercross as our date. What? We aren't redneck. hehe This is actually our 3rd year in a row attending Supercross - it's really fun! But I realized that I've been pregnant for 2 out of the 3 times we've attended - I hope we're not on a 'every other year' type of schedule. haha!

But then Sunday rolled around...and me and my two oldest girls woke up with the tummy bug that Monkey had earlier in the week. Ugggggh. So, Sunday was spent just kind of being lazy at the house - but I did have one little project we were able to make it through, and that was to tidy up the back patio so that I could turn it into more of a play area for the girls when I wanted to send them out back to play instead of out front. I bought this really big patio set, and it was taking up a ton of room, and we only use it when the weather starts getting warm - so we moved it into the pool area because there is a big unused concrete slab on the other side of the pool that was perfect for putting the patio set on. And now the girls have their little play tables in the area where the patio furniture was, and it just looks a lot nicer out there. I'd like to also make this little dirt area along the back wall into a little garden. I've actually kept a plant alive in my office for the past year, so I might be able to graduate to little garden now. :)

Monday was MLK day...this was another "Ugh" day. So my 3 oldest girls didn't have school, so they were going to stay home with me because I started my telecommuting this week since it's T-minus 2 weeks until baby. And me and SAM were still dealing with the tummy issues. So, I get Baby Pants ready for daycare, and go to drop her off. When my daycare provider asks "Didn't you see this sheet last week? And didn't your husband tell you I needed you to call me and let me know if Baby Pants was going to be here today?". I say "Yes, I saw the sheet - and everyone was just writing their child's name if they weren't going to be here. And no, my hubby didn't tell me I needed to call you." My daycare provider is a licensed in-home daycare provider, so she has limits as to how many children she can care for at one time, and when she has the full capacity of all the kids that come, she has a helper there with her. But, this "list" was supposed to let her know if she needed that helper or not, and of course Baby Pants would put her one child over her limit - so even though I was supposed to try and work yesterday because I didn't have the day off, I had to bring Baby Pants home. I was a little peeved, but I know it's not her fault - but seriously, who has MLK day off besides government employees and schools? Needless to say I didn't get any work done yesterday. AND it was raining, so I couldn't even send the kids outside - so they had to be inside -

Today was looking a bit better...SAM and I were still having residual tummy issues, but SAM wanted to go to school. But then Monkey goes to the restroom after she wakes up, and guess what she has? Yep, diarrhea...again...the one who started it all gets it AGAIN. So, I had to keep her home with me. But everyone else went off to school as usual, which was good. Since this tummy thing really appears to just be tummy related, no fevers, aches, chills, or overall was a bit easier to get some work done today. And there was a little break in the rain, so I took Monkey to a nearby park to play. Don't worry, there weren't any other kids there for us to pass the diarrhea germs on to - and when other kids started showing up, we left.

So, now I'm back at home, writing this post - and I'm feeling really tired. I can't believe I have less than 2 weeks before the baby arrives. I still have a mega-long list of things to get done before then, but guess what? I just don't think it's all going to get done...and I guess I'm okay with that.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Sheesh.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Day

So today I'm having an extremely "feel good" kind of day. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that in this blog post - but I'll think positive! :)

I went to Target on my lunch break today to buy some newborn clothes - I realized a couple week ago that I boxed up and gave all my girl newborn clothes to my best friend about a year and a half ago when she was having her little girl. So, even though I have 4 girls - my 'baby' clothes that I have kept start at about 18 mos. I also picked up a few more boy newborn outfits because I had already bought a couple a few months ago. Baby clothes make me happy. :)

Also, I've been talking to my mom and she's going to be starting a gym membership at Curves pretty soon. I'm really proud of her because she's been putting her health on the backburner for years, and I'm glad that she's taking steps towards healthier living. She's already starting eating better since the start of the year - so I think 2010 holds many positive things for her.

But back to Target...yeah, so I was walking out of Target and it's a beautiful day out here in Phoenix today. Kind of a chill in the air, but not 'cold', and it was all sunshiney. So, I was thinking to myself "Sun in my face, Target bag in my hand, and I'm going to run over to Taco Bell for lunch. What could be better?" hehe

Then I filled up my gas tank and got a car wash - nice sparkly car.

Got back to work and checked the online mommy forum I belong to - and some of the ladies' posts just made me laugh out loud, and almost choke on my Taco Bell (which was a steak taco salad, by the way).

So, as I continue eating my Taco Salad - I'm thinking, "Hmmmm...this is pretty good, but I wonder why they call it a Chipotle Steak Salad, when the only 'dressing' on it is Sour Cream?". So, I keep eating and I'm finally down to pretty much just the taco shell. So, I break off a piece of it to eat it, and guess what's UNDERNEATH the taco shell??? The pouch of Creamy Chipotle Dressing!! I couldn't help it, I just started laughing. I mean seriously, you put the dressing UNDER the salad? That's funny. Maybe on another day that would have ticked me off, but since today is 'feel good' day, it just struck me as hilarious.

So spill it readers...anything have you in a good mood today?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dude - Part Deux

Yeah, so I was still dealing with some tummy issues from Monkey today. They weren't NEARLY as bad as yesterday, but still bad enough to get her sent home from preschool if I tried to pretend she was all good and drop her off there. So, I didn't even bother.

We went to Target to get some much needed items for my nesting...and THEN....we went to the mall. I dread the mall, but I really wanted to go to the Brookstone store because I looked through the catalog and there were two things I needed in order to complete one of my nesting items.

#1 - A motorized CD/DVD Repair system - To repair all of the DVDs we have that my children have messed up, and now skip during all of their favorite parts, or won't play at all.

#2 - A CD/DVD Disc Storage System - This thing will house 100 DVDs - many of them will have been repaired by the apparatus mentioned in #1 - but the main thing is - this thing will allow me to finally throw away all of the DVD boxes that I have stored in my entertainment center cabinet, and make room for more important stuff (like baby diapers). Most of the cases are empty anyway because the children have taken them out and messed with them - causing them to have scratches, and in turn leading me to need Item #1. And I always thought my project would one day be to match all the boxless DVDs to their appropriate box - but I have now decided we are getting rid of the boxes altogether and streamlining them all into this DVD Disc Storage System.

Here is where the "Dude" comes in. Well, of course when I get to the mall, and go to the Brookstone store - they do not carry these items IN the store. They only have them online - BUT, they can order them if I have the SKU number of the items, and then I can pick them up at the store and avoid the shipping costs. Ummmmm....sure, let me just pull the SKU numbers out of my pocket. So, I ask "Do you have an email address, and when I get home I can look them up and email them to you." And the salesdude is all "No - I mean, there's an email for like the Brookstone headquarters, but not for the store." do people communicate without email? Wouldn't you think that headquarters would need a way to communicate certain things to its individual stores - like promos, etc?? I didn't argue, I just left.

And then the "Dude"-ness continued...with...teenagers. Arrrrrrggggghhhh...I really and truly believe that my friends and I never behaved in the manner which teenagers today behave at the mall. They congregate in HUGE packs, right in the middle of the walking aisles of the mall...just mill around, and text each other and talk about "Oh mah gah, did you see Justin today? You should like, totally call him and tell him that you like, like him and stuff." So, everyone has to walk completely AROUND the mob in order to get by. Then, if the huge mob happens to actually be walking through the mall - they have no sense of making walking convenient for other mall-goers. They roll about 10 people wide, and they are so engrossed in their conversations and acting like complete doofuses that I have to totally be a linebacker to protect my small children from getting trampled as they walk by completely oblivious to anything going on around them. oldest daughter is going to have several lessons in mall etiquette before she is allowed to frequent the malls sans parents...which is going to be like, ummm...never - OK fine, in maybe a year or two. But, if I ever catch her being as rude as most of these teen jerk-faces, her mall-going privileges will be revoked.

End Rant.

Monday, January 11, 2010


So, today turned out to be kind of ironic in that I was inwardly thinking to myself last night while I was waking up every hour on the hour to either pee, or change position, or go the fridge to take a swig of orange juice straight from the jug...that I really did not want to go to work today. But I couldn't call in sick, because I wasn't sick, and I really don't like to make up stories to get out of going to work. So, at my 5am wakeup, I hear Monkey in the bathroom doing this dry hacking cough thing that she does every once in awhile...but then the dry hacking turns into BLLLLLEAAAAH. Yeah, every mom knows that I get out of bed, go into the bathroom and see Monkey sitting on the toilet with a puddle of barf on the floor in front of her...that smells and LOOKS like rotten apples. So, I ask her if she's done going potty...she says "Yes"...and I tell her as I have many times before, "Sweetie, if you are hacking so hard like that, please get a drink of water...because I think you just hacked so hard you made yourself throw up." She says "Sorry Mommy" and I get her a glass of water so she can get rid of the "I just barfed" breath. She goes back to bed, and I am left with the mess. I cleaned it all up with a towel which I immediately threw in the washing machine turned to the hot water cycle. Then I grab the Swiffer mop with antibacterial spray juice and mop the bathroom floor. Back to bed by about 5:20 knowing that my alarm is going to go off in about an I don't think I even bothered trying to fall back to sleep.

So, everyone gets up and starts doing their thing. Monkey is in bed still at 7:30am - so I have to go wake her up and she says her tummy doesn't feel good. Great. So maybe it wasn't just the dry hacky thing. I give her a children's Pepto and make her get up and start getting dressed for preschool. She sits down at the table for her cereal and she doesn't eat it. For some kids, this may be normal...but not for Monkey. She mows through her cereal every morning, and usually asks for seconds...she would probably ask for thirds if I'd let her. But not this morning...she said "Every time I chew, it makes me want to throw up". So, I tell her to go lay down and let the Pepto kick in.

I finish getting Cita out the door for her bus, and then turn my focus to Baby Pants to get her ready. I finally am able to get myself ready, and at about 8:15 when we all start getting ready to go out the door, I hand Monkey a 'barf bowl' for the car, just in case it really wasn't the hacky cough thing. We all go outside without jackets because it was going to be a balmy 70 degrees in Phoenix today - but at 8:20 it's still a tad chilly for us Phoenicians. So, we all go back inside to grab some I'm putting the jacket on Baby Pants, I hear it again...BLLLLLEAAAAH. She made it into the barf bowl, bless her heart. This time it was Pepto Pink. She says "My tummy feels better now". I say "I bet it does"...and get her some more water, and rinse out the barf bowl.

OK, definitely not going to school today. So, I drop Baby Pants off at the babysitter's house and ask Monkey if she feels OK enough for me to drive to a couple of places, since I was obviously not going to work today (be careful what you wish for). She says "Yes" I go to the Uhaul store to get boxes, because, yes, I absolutely am still nesting. Then I drove through the drive-thru ATM for some cash, and then we head home.

I told Monkey to go lay down so she could start feeling better while I began my household disinfecting process. She slept for a good couple of hours - and I got the house all cleaned up. Aaaah...what a nice feeling.

Then, it was lunch time. I really didn't want to make anything...I really wanted Jack in the Box tacos. What??? I'm pregnant! So, Monkey asks if she can get french fries and a Dr. Pepper. Now, when your child has been throwing up, this is probably the LAST thing they need. But she sounded all sweet, and her beautiful hazel eyes were doing a number on her mommy. So, I said "Yes, but Monkey, Dr. Pepper and curly fries might make your tummy feel worse." She just says "OK Mommy".

We get home, eat our lunch...and then I thought it was nice and warm enough for Monkey to get some fresh air while I start packing up some unwanted stuff in my newly acquired Uhaul boxes. She asks if she can ride her bike, yes...then she asks if she can sweep the patio...yes. My darling Monkey is such a helper, even when she's not feeling well, she wants to help. So, she gets the broom. Then, all of a sudden she whizzes by me and heads straight for the bathroom. I think "Poor thing...she's going to barf again." And I hear, "Mooooommmmmy....I didn't quite make it to the toilet." I think "Great...more barf to clean up". Except No...Not barf...not barf at all, not even from the same place barf comes from. Rather the opposite actually.

So tomorrow...I definitely want to go to work. Definitely Definitely want to go work. (catch my Rainman tone there)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Lost a Week!!!

Soooo...don't know if I've explained the Due Date confusion I had early on...but when I first found out I was pregnant, I went to an online Due Date calculator, and came up with an EDD of 02/10/10.

When I went to my first doctor's appointment, they wrote 02/01/10 in my chart...a full 9 days earlier than what I had come up with. After my first ultrasound - they said, "Well, you're measuring kind of small, so we're going to bump you back to 02/08/10"...which was closer to what I was originally thinking.

Then I come in today, and the nurse says, "OK, the doctor is going to do your Group B Strep test...that's the test we do at 36 weeks."...and then she walks out of the room. And I'm sitting there confused going, "I'm not 36 weeks, I'm 35 weeks."

My doctor comes in, looks at my chart and says "OK...36 and 2, how are you feeling?" I say, "Fine" And she does the Group B strep thing, and measures my tummy, and says "Yep, you're measuring right on". She did the internal exam to check dilation and stuff...and said I was 1cm and 40-50% effaced. And then said, "OK, see you next week!"

So, I'm sitting there just mulling over everything...and I thought to myself "I just lost a I was thinking I had just about 5 weeks to go, and now I only have about 4 weeks to go???!!!"

Crap, I have to get the rest of my nesting going ASAP.