Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dude - Part Deux

Yeah, so I was still dealing with some tummy issues from Monkey today. They weren't NEARLY as bad as yesterday, but still bad enough to get her sent home from preschool if I tried to pretend she was all good and drop her off there. So, I didn't even bother.

We went to Target to get some much needed items for my nesting...and THEN....we went to the mall. I dread the mall, but I really wanted to go to the Brookstone store because I looked through the catalog and there were two things I needed in order to complete one of my nesting items.

#1 - A motorized CD/DVD Repair system - To repair all of the DVDs we have that my children have messed up, and now skip during all of their favorite parts, or won't play at all.

#2 - A CD/DVD Disc Storage System - This thing will house 100 DVDs - many of them will have been repaired by the apparatus mentioned in #1 - but the main thing is - this thing will allow me to finally throw away all of the DVD boxes that I have stored in my entertainment center cabinet, and make room for more important stuff (like baby diapers). Most of the cases are empty anyway because the children have taken them out and messed with them - causing them to have scratches, and in turn leading me to need Item #1. And I always thought my project would one day be to match all the boxless DVDs to their appropriate box - but I have now decided we are getting rid of the boxes altogether and streamlining them all into this DVD Disc Storage System.

Here is where the "Dude" comes in. Well, of course when I get to the mall, and go to the Brookstone store - they do not carry these items IN the store. They only have them online - BUT, they can order them if I have the SKU number of the items, and then I can pick them up at the store and avoid the shipping costs. Ummmmm....sure, let me just pull the SKU numbers out of my pocket. So, I ask "Do you have an email address, and when I get home I can look them up and email them to you." And the salesdude is all "No - I mean, there's an email for like the Brookstone headquarters, but not for the store." Uhhhh....OK...how do people communicate without email? Wouldn't you think that headquarters would need a way to communicate certain things to its individual stores - like promos, etc?? I didn't argue, I just left.

And then the "Dude"-ness continued...with...teenagers. Arrrrrrggggghhhh...I really and truly believe that my friends and I never behaved in the manner which teenagers today behave at the mall. They congregate in HUGE packs, right in the middle of the walking aisles of the mall...just mill around, and text each other and talk about "Oh mah gah, did you see Justin today? You should like, totally call him and tell him that you like, like him and stuff." So, everyone has to walk completely AROUND the mob in order to get by. Then, if the huge mob happens to actually be walking through the mall - they have no sense of making walking convenient for other mall-goers. They roll about 10 people wide, and they are so engrossed in their conversations and acting like complete doofuses that I have to totally be a linebacker to protect my small children from getting trampled as they walk by completely oblivious to anything going on around them.

Seriously...my oldest daughter is going to have several lessons in mall etiquette before she is allowed to frequent the malls sans parents...which is going to be like, ummm...never - OK fine, in maybe a year or two. But, if I ever catch her being as rude as most of these teen jerk-faces, her mall-going privileges will be revoked.

End Rant.


Danielle said...

Agreed about teenagers and the mall. I often tell Sweet Girl as we're walking through "You'll never dress like that", "If you act like that I'll ground you forever", etc. You get the idea. And I also agree I don't think we were that damn annoying.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hold me. I'm so scared. I hate malls. They are horrible, awful, dreadful places and I pray to God my sons never learn of them!

Angela said...

We were NOT that annoying because we were raised without all the distractions. We knew how to entertain ourselves with actual like conversation like!
oh, let me know how that dvd fixer works. That would be worth the money.

Unknown Mami said...

Get out! I had no idea these CD/DVD repair things existed. I want one, can you get me the sku #? Just kidding, I don't have email so you wouldn't be able to send it to me anyway.