Tuesday, January 26, 2010

O' Labor Where Art Thou?

Sorry for the title, but my brain couldn't really come up with a clever title, and I was just thinking that my hubby was watching O' Brother Where Art Thou? last night, so just a switchy switchy of one word, and there you have it - my title.

I've been working my booty off for the last few days, both at home and work. We got a lot done this weekend as far as the home organization I wanted to do before baby comes. I'm really excited about the furniture we got rid of, moved around, or purchased (just one little cube storage shelf unit thingie - but it hides so many toys in its cute little neutral-colored canvas box thingies). I actually have a desk I can sit at that my laptop will fit on because we got rid of all the junk the other one was storing on top of it. There's still more to do - but I'm content with where we are and wouldn't be upset if the baby came now, like today. hehe

For work I put in a few hours last night, and 10+ hours today. It will probably be the same tomorrow as I'm in the "tie up all the loose ends" mode, since this should be my last week. Hopefully everything will be pretty well wrapped up by Tuesday or Wednesday - but it's not like I'm going to a faraway land, you know? My bosses and co-workers are like all freaked out about the stuff that I cover and I'm like "You can always call me" - and shoot, I might even do a little work whilst on my maternity leave if need be. I'm having a baby, not turning into an invalid. Maybe if it was my first go-round at this thing, it might be a little tougher to juggle newborn baby and work duties - but I think I'm a pretty good multi-tasker now...and I've been sleep deprived for the past 12 years, so nothing new there. hehe

Tomorrow my day is pretty well booked with doctor's appointments, meetings, data analysis, and a fun lunch with my BFF. yay! Mexican food - oh yeah! AND fried ice cream. woo hoo!

I really wanted to get a pedicure some time before the baby comes - my toenails haven't been painted since ummm...May? June? Somewhere in there. I've just never really been the type that keeps my toes up, except for clipping them - because I totally can not STAND long toenails. But for whatever reason, whenever I'm getting ready to go into the hospital to have a baby, I always want my toes painted - you know, for the nursing staff or whatever. But who knows if that will get fit into this week.

Parent-Teacher conferences are this week. I went to SAM's tonight - she's my 7th grader. The teachers were talking to me about how she's shaping up well to have a great start in 8th grade next year. I'm like "What?? 8th Grade? Can you please let me deal with 7th grade, before you start throwing 8th grade in my face for cryin out loud???!!!" Because guess what THAT makes me think? OMG...come this time NEXT year, SAM's 8th grade teachers are going to be talking to me about 9th grade - HIGH SCHOOL - and that is SO not cool. SO not ready to be the mommy of a high schooler - holy cow!

Cita's conference will be on Wednesday - she's in 2nd grade. This conference is "student-led", so Cita will be with me taking me through her schedule and her packet of schoolwork they've collected throughout the year. It should be pretty fun.

Then, Thursday & Friday both SAM & Cita have half-days at school, so they get to come home around lunch time and be with me while I'm telecommuting this week. Should be good times, as long as they don't beat each other up when I'm not looking...but I can HEAR it...I have ears like a rabbit...or whatever other kind of animal has really good hearing. Even if you know I can't SEE you, if you are under 18 yrs old, I can totally HEAR what you're doing from across the house. hehe

OK - I was up until after 2am last night, and it's going on 1230am now - so I better skee-daddle off to bed because I'm sleepy.

Little baby - if you'd like to come out of there soon - that would be just fine by me. ;)


Danielle said...

I hope you get everything done, breathe a quick sigh of relief and then bam into labor! And I expect a text or call or something when that kid arrives.

Crissy said...

Please some little baby! We all want to see you!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You sound totally prepared for this baby--I'm glad things are falling into place.
Now I want to eat Mexican food.

Angela said...

Many hopes of a pleasant delivery and good health to mom and baby. This has gone so fast (for me)...it seems as if you just announced you were pregnant. Good luck with everything.

Unknown Mami said...

I think hospitals should offer expectant mothers pedicures while they labor.

TheSingleGirl said...

My ears became crazy powerful as soon as I had The Cute. When she's crawling behind the couch while daddy is watching tv and I'm cooking dinner in a closed off kitchen, I hear it. I know. *Nods*

But anyway...don't mind me...I'm just stalking you to see if there is a new BABY yet. *Twiddles thumbs*

By the way, kindly stop sounding so capable and prepared and together in your final days of pregnancy. IF you're still pregnant, anyway. It makes the ones who didn't have any kids at home, who weren't working or child-rearing or blogging or doing much of anything but eating and sitting on the bathroom floor crying over tv commercials look REALLY bad.

kanishk said...

You sound totally prepared for this baby--I'm glad things are falling into place.
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