Sunday, January 31, 2010


So, remember a couple weeks ago when I was all shocked and surprised because my OB/GYN bumped my due date up to Feb 1? Yeah, well, when I went in for my appointment this past Tuesday, Dr. S goes "Well, you're measuring about a week behind, but that's OK". So, I casually mention the confusion there had been surrounding my due date. So, she scrutinizes my chart a little bit more in-depth, and finds, that "Oh yes, after the ultrasounds..." (I had to have a couple cuz I had some issues early on) " appears that we should have your date at the 7th or the 8th, so I think we're going to go with that." I calmly say "That's kind of what I thought"...and she says "Wow, I don't think I've ever moved a date back this late in the game without the woman crying." But, in all honesty, for about 8 1/2 months, I was thinking it was later in February anyway, and was more in shock when they started saying Feb 1st again than I was when she put me back to the later date. BUT - it was kind of nice to think I would be having a baby closer to now, versus closer to next Sunday - but we shall see what happens. I rarely have early babies -I've only had one come early. Cita (daughter #2) was born 2 days early - she was due on April Fool's Day - but at my last doctor appointment prior to Cita's birth, I had them do a procedure called 'stripping the membranes' - tooooooootally gross sounding, I know - but it's supposed to kick-start labor. My doctor was on call that weekend, and I really wanted her to deliver Cita, so I had her do it, and I delivered her that weekend - two days early on 03/30/02. SAM (#1) was 8 days late, they induced...Monkey (#3) was RIGHT on her due date, and Baby Pants (#4) was 4 days late. So my babies really like to cook until they're completely done. :)

Yesterday, I taught my last baby signing class to my group of 4 families. They did GREAT! It was so funny how all the toddlers that I had in class were pretty shy on the first 3 classes, but then by the last class on Saturday, they were best buddies. Really cute. And one of the little boys kept running around the classroom signing "Grumpy" because we were singing a 'How are you?' song - and one of the lyrics asks "Are you feeling 'Grumpy'?". I made graduation certificates for all of them, and I bought these really cute animal hand puppets when I was at Ikea last weekend as their graduation gift. All the kiddos love the animal signs unit, so I thought it would be fun for them to have an animal to play with while they practice their animal signs.

Then after class, we had lunch at home - and then it was time to do Saturday cleaning. I'm really hoping that the baby comes in the next couple of days while the house is still somewhat clean, because I don't really want to have to do the whole cleaning routine again before the baby comes. hehe. I do have the carpet cleaner guy coming tomorrow at 9am to do the whole house, and my two sofas. So, once that's done, THEN, I'll be ready to have a baby. As far as house preparation goes anyway.

I have a few more things at work that I need to wrap up. The latter end of this week was swallowed up with conference calls, so I didn't get much actual 'work' done. So, hopefully this Monday and Tuesday will be all I need to get everything closed off. Then I can feel comfortable walking away from that for a couple months.

Oh...and how can I forget to mention the Mexican Food I got to have with my BFF last week? I had a cheese enchilada with rice and beans - I think I was "this close" to licking my plate. We followed lunch with the MOST yummy fried ice cream ever made on the planet. OK, if you ever visit the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona - you HAVE to go to Ajo Al's ( - their fried ice cream is SOOOOO good. Most places just roll the ice cream in the oats and put some whip cream on it and call it good. But Ajo Al's rolls the ice cream in the oats, soaks the whole thing in honey, pours strawberries and strawberry sauce over the entire thing, then puts the whip cream on and sprinkles that with cinnamon. It's the B-O-M-B. And now I totally just made myself want some Ajo Al's fried ice cream dang it - and it's 8am on a Sunday morning.

Today consists of going to church in a couple of hours, having lunch, and then probably some laundry. I also have to get some work done today because I have a PowerPoint due tomorrow - but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it during Baby Pants' nap time, or if I'm going to nap with her. I napped with her yesterday from 3:30p to 6:30p - it was lovely...have I mentioned I love naps? Especially with a little toddler that snuggles up all close to you and holds your face while she sleeps? It's way cute and cuddly. I think I'll probably also set up the little bassinet that we have and wash the sheets and stuff for that. We have the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper, it's a bassinet that you can drop one of the sides down and put it right up against your bed - so it's like your baby is sleeping with you, but they still have their own little space. :)

OK - that's about all - I can hear my two middle children fighting (but trying not to get caught because they shut their door) - so I better go break that up.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Mama Mary said...

You are very patient and kind my friend. I'm more distraught that the baby's not coming than you. :-)

Godspeed during the next few days/weeks, the delivery and the past partum months of joy. :-)xoxoxo

Faith Imagined said...

You are getting close! I am so excited!!!

BTW, that fried ice cream does sound delicious!!!!

Danielle said...

I was hoping that this "Update" was that you had that kid already. And again I will mention that you have to let me know. I would LOVE to come see you and the new baby, if you don't mind of course! :)

Angela Hill said...

thanks for the update, I've been wondering if you'd popped out a little baby yet... I can't wait to find out what it is.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Quit torturing me with descriptions of Mexican food!!!
I'm so glad the signing classes are a success. They sound like fun, too.
Love the phrase about "cooking" babies until they're done;)

TheSingleGirl said...

The baby signing classes sound ridiculously cute. I can't even handle it. I want to go!

Your baby is going to be born on The Cute's birthday. Feb 5th. I have spoken.

(Yep, I'm here. Just cranky and cleaning cleaning cleaning. The Cute's birthday party is Saturday. It's going to be fun. Yep, fun. Really. Fun. MmmHmm. FUN. *Bares teeth*)

TheSingleGirl said...

Seche Vite: A lovely top coat for nail polish. It dries SUPER fast, and dries EVERY layer of nail polish when you put it on your wet polish. You can't eff up your nails with Seche Vite. It makes the polish look super glossy. It smells horrid. It makes the polish peel off in one big piece (which is strangely interesting to DO, by the way...nail polish stickers!) after about 2 days of wear.

I know stuff. :D

Oh, you're totally invited. Wine coolers? I've never had one. But...don't mind if I do.

kanishk said...

You are getting close! I am so excited!!!
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