Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Day

So today I'm having an extremely "feel good" kind of day. I hope I'm not jinxing myself by saying that in this blog post - but I'll think positive! :)

I went to Target on my lunch break today to buy some newborn clothes - I realized a couple week ago that I boxed up and gave all my girl newborn clothes to my best friend about a year and a half ago when she was having her little girl. So, even though I have 4 girls - my 'baby' clothes that I have kept start at about 18 mos. I also picked up a few more boy newborn outfits because I had already bought a couple a few months ago. Baby clothes make me happy. :)

Also, I've been talking to my mom and she's going to be starting a gym membership at Curves pretty soon. I'm really proud of her because she's been putting her health on the backburner for years, and I'm glad that she's taking steps towards healthier living. She's already starting eating better since the start of the year - so I think 2010 holds many positive things for her.

But back to Target...yeah, so I was walking out of Target and it's a beautiful day out here in Phoenix today. Kind of a chill in the air, but not 'cold', and it was all sunshiney. So, I was thinking to myself "Sun in my face, Target bag in my hand, and I'm going to run over to Taco Bell for lunch. What could be better?" hehe

Then I filled up my gas tank and got a car wash - nice sparkly car.

Got back to work and checked the online mommy forum I belong to - and some of the ladies' posts just made me laugh out loud, and almost choke on my Taco Bell (which was a steak taco salad, by the way).

So, as I continue eating my Taco Salad - I'm thinking, "Hmmmm...this is pretty good, but I wonder why they call it a Chipotle Steak Salad, when the only 'dressing' on it is Sour Cream?". So, I keep eating and I'm finally down to pretty much just the taco shell. So, I break off a piece of it to eat it, and guess what's UNDERNEATH the taco shell??? The pouch of Creamy Chipotle Dressing!! I couldn't help it, I just started laughing. I mean seriously, you put the dressing UNDER the salad? That's funny. Maybe on another day that would have ticked me off, but since today is 'feel good' day, it just struck me as hilarious.

So spill it readers...anything have you in a good mood today?


TheSingleGirl said...

I ♥ Target.

LMAO about the dressing. Isn't it funny how that could either result in a laugh or a gnashing of teeth, depending on the day?

Nice days are awesome. I'm expecting one tomorrow. For real. At the risk of sounding like a bumpkin...Walmart with my sister (Target is far. : /) and a grilled cheese for breakfast. The grilled cheese first, by the way.

Oh. And. Atomic Fart is free and it even has a way you can set it so if someone picks up your phone it farts at them. Hours of entertainment.


Chrissy said...

LMAO! You crack me up and I am glad that the PM'rs were keeping you entertained today ;) haha

Princess_Amy said...

I'm glad you've had a good day! I had that kind of day yesterday, because I knew that by day's end I would have a new baby niece! My Niece was born at 9:17 last night, weighing 7lbs 7.2oz and 20 inches long, so beautiful and I can't wait to watch her grow!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Mr. D and I are going out to eat tonight. Without kids. That will be a good thing!

Faith Imagined said...

You are so hilarious with your "all sunshiney" self!!!

I finally went to the gym today and that made me feel good.

Crissy said...

LMBO!!! You are so funny!

I stopped by to check if you had your baby yet. Of course informing your blogging friends is probably the last thing on your mind after having a baby!

Mama Mary said...

I'm in a great mood today, despite the horrible showing by the Chargers yesterday! I think it was my gym workout. Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way for a smooth and speedy delivery. Can't wait to see the new baby!

TheSingleGirl said...

I had to return to inform you that your last comment pretty much sent me over the edge into hysteria.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

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