Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PROMPTuesnesday - Looking Back

Today's topic for PROMPTuesday (that I'm doing on Wednesday, yet again) is:

If you could live one year of your life over again in the identical way, which year would it be and why?

My answer would be my sophomore year in high school (94-95 I think?). This was the first year I made my school's dance company team - I had a job - my friend's had cars. I had a lot of fun during this year of high school - whereas a lot of people's senior year is their pinnacle of fun, it seemed to all go downhill after my sophomore year.

During this year I performed during pep assemblies, football games, basketball games, art festivals, and dance competitions. My friends and I all worked at the same restaurant (one of my PROMPTuesday's past describes this job) and had a blast, even though the job itself was somewhat gross. I was a young sophomore since I skipped Kindergarten, so all my friends were turning 16 and getting their driver's licenses. This of course enabled our ditching efforts. I remember when my friend Karin got her license and a brand new car - a Nissan Sentra - we decided to ditch school and drive it up a road out of Fountain Hills that never had much traffic on it and see how fast the baby could go - it could go 110, or at least that's how fast it went before we started kind of freaking out.

Money earned from working was spent at 5-7-9 or Wet Seal, or the Wherehouse (do you remember that store ? That's where we bought our tapes (singles!!) / CDs). We took un-chaperoned trips to the mall to talk to boys from other schools, and pretend we were older than we were. They had an upscale version of the photo booth at the mall, and we always had to stop there and take pictures of our cool selves.

Toward the end of my sophomore year, I discovered The Rodeo. I was friends with a few guys who thought they were 'cowboys' - if you know where Fountain Hills is, this will make you laugh (think country club retirement community). But we did have West World in Scottsdale. Again, the rodeos were not so much for watching the actual rodeo, but for meeting 'cowboys'...and underage drinking (oops, did I say that?)

River parties!! Oh yeah! Parties at the Verde River listening to country music really loud and trying to go 4-byin' (as we called it) with my boyfriend, whose truck wasn't actually a 4x4 - and getting stuck on the edge of 'Potty Hill' (it had a port-a-potty on it).

Mill Avenue in Tempe at Club 411 (they had an 18 and under night) - where we could go dancing and cruise up and down Mill listening to the 'Bad Boys' soundtrack.

Going to the State Fair - before we cared that it was really ghetto and scary.

Durango Ski Trip over President's Day Weekend!

Sneaking out of my best friend's house and driving to the Indian Reservation casino to have coffee in their little restaurant thinking that we were totally cool and rebellious.

I'm sure there was some not so fun stuff in there too...but I'd have to say I would totally relive Sophomore Year over again in the identical way.


Glennis said...

I love the details in this. It really brings back memories.

Anonymous said... have really fond memories. I'd be glad to totally black out all of my high school years!

San Diego Momma said...

Such great memories. It makes ME want to relive that year with you.

(Also I skipped kindergarten too and remember getting my DL late.)

(Also, 5-7-9! Blast. From. The. Past.!)

(Also, it's so cute that your rebellious move was to get coffee at the Indian casino.)

(Also, thanks for doing this.)