Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just some random thoughts from me today - of course it isn't the same as bullets, because I'm going to use asterisks instead!

*Dude - preteen attitudes suck. So, SAM is signed up for volleyball, and all of her games are on Saturdays. Tonight at our mid-week church thing, she finds out that the junior high kids are doing some kind of activity that will start on Friday night @ 11pm and have them playing laser tag, ice skating, and then gallavanting around until 7am on Saturday morning. I told her "Sorry, you can't participate, you have a commitment to your volleyball team." To which she got all pouty and pissy and door slammy and go to bed without saying goodnight-y. Argh. I wanted to smack her...but I didn't, so don't call CPS on me or anything.

*Baby pants pooped and peed on the potty for the first time yesterday. It was a monumental event. Of course my husband was all "Our daughter is going to be the first child potty trained before two." I really wanted to correct him to let him know that I'm sure there have been other children potty trained before two - but I didn't. See, Marriage Mondays are working! :)

*Monkey is going to be 5 on Saturday...FIVE years old people! She was student of the week at her preschool, and I had to go back to the archives to dig up newborn / baby / toddler-ish pictures of my little Monkey - made me get all nostalgic and stuff. I can't believe she was that little - and now she's just a big ball of chatter-face...with all her "Mommy...Mommmy...Mommmy! Remember that one time?"

*Cita is being Cita - she's always tried to be somewhat of a second mommy, and she's very patient with Baby Pants - but with Monkey, she acts like an annoyed, burnt out parent that's worked a very long day. So...what I'm saying is...she sounds like me. I just want her to be 7....I keep telling her that it's mommy's job to be the jerkface, and that she should just be a kid.

*I got my oil changed yesterday, and watched Divorce Court where this lady told the judge she was consistently abducted by aliens. I almost peed my pants laughing...she also imitated her husband eating a bologna sandwich. It was funny. But because I'm still getting over this upper respiratory thing, every time I laugh, I sound like Marge Simpson's sister who smokes 8 packs a day. It's not cool.

*My toenails need painting - I can't reach them - and I don't care.

*Since when did driving EXACTLY the speed limit in the fast lane on the freeway become an epidemic in Phoenix? It really bothers me - in fact, I used the carpool lane 5 minutes earlier than I was allowed to, to get around said speed limit obeyer. (NOTE: In Phx the carpool lane becomes a regular lane from 9am-3pm, and then again from 7pm-6am or something like that)

*I ate a sausage mcmuffin (without egg) for breakfast this morning

*I had a lot funnier random thoughts earlier today when I was thinking about writing this blog

*Oh yeah - I've kept a plant alive in my office for like 10 months! I'm turning into Martha Stewart or something - she's the only person I could think of - I don't know any famous plant-keeper-alivers.

*I love reading other people's blogs - they really make my day, or they make me cry - either one, or sometimes both.

*Why do farts never stop being funny? You know how when you hear the banana knock-knock joke 80 bajillion times when your kids start learning the knock knock joke concept - and you laugh for about the first 10 times they tell it - but then you just look them straight in the eye and say "ok - it's not funny anymore"? But, by the time they are five, you have probably heard them toot about 100 bajillion times - nevertheless the 101 bajillionth time is still freakin' funny.

*9 more days till "New Moon" comes out

*Why do I care about that?

*Because I'm a dweeb, that's why.

*I have cankles.

*Yesterday I caught a glimpse of my butt in these maternity pants I was wearing - and I wanted to cry. I looked like I had a foot long butt, that had been mooshed flat and wide by a shovel. Can I please trade this butt in for my 19 year old butt?

*My husband raises his arms over his head when he sleeps on his back - he didn't believe me - I took a picture


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your husband looks like he's dreaming of dancing with you;)
That's some list--good luck with the potty trainer and the pre-teen. Yowza!

Faith Imagined said...

This is hilarious! I honestly laughed at every single bullet (asterisks)! But the pic of your hubby sent me over the edge!

Danielle said...

Hilarious! Why haven't we had lunch yet???? We are such slackers again.

Angela said...

I enjoyed this post so much. I cannot stand when I have something really clever in my head while I am driving down the road.....
Sitting in front of the computer...NOTHING!

Angela Hill said...

thanks for the giggle I needed it. and the fast lane problem occurs every year about the time the snowbirds come back... I've noticed.

Mama Mary said...

1) You just reiterated why I dislike 12-14 year olds -- good luck with that one and check back with me in 9 years when I'm blogging about it. Good for you for making her keep her promise. Side note-volleyball is awesome, she won't regret it.
2) I have a friend whose 3rd kid is almost potty trained and she'll be 2 in January. It's crazy. but it happens so you can tell hubby that it happens, or will that go against MMs?
3)Happy B-day to Monkey!
4)My cankles haven't gone away!
5) Are his arms really in the air like that when he is asleep? Funny!

Unknown Mami said...

Treat yourself to a pedicure.