Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 Things

I love my mom for giving me blog fodder via email forwards...but don't blame me for the copy/paste format - it didn't turn out pretty.

Three Things About Me

A. Three names I go by:
1. Crystal
2. Chris
3. Mom/Mommy/Momma

B. Three places I’ve lived:

1 California
2 Nevada
3 Arizona

C. Three places I’ve worked:

1 Pomas Ristorante
2 Sierra Health Services
3 360 Vantage

D. Three things I love to watch:

1 Criminal Minds
2 Gilmore Girls
3 Celebrity Apprentice (new season just started!)

E. Three places I have been:

1 San Francisco, CA
2 Rocky Point, Mexico
3 Raleigh, NC

F. Three people that email me regularly: (not including co-workers)

1 Nana
2 Mom
3 Victoria's Secret (darn me for signing up for their emails, not like I can wear any of that crap now)

G. Three things I love to eat:

1 Cheese Enchiladas
2 Fried Ice Cream
3 Fruit

I. Three things I am looking forward to:

1 Getting back in shape
2 Riding my dirtbike again
3 Buying a house someday


TheSingleGirl said...

Blogging via email?

You're way too high tech for me.

Fried ice cream...OMG. I worked at a restaurant and I was actually responsible for my boss refusing to have fried ice cream on the menu after about a month of losing money from me NOMNOMNOM-ing it. MMMMMM.

Angela said...

I shall steal this blog fodder and use it later in the week! Interesting read...I have only lived in one state but two area codes! I am big time, I know.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I enjoy these list-y posts! And it still floors me about your dirtbiking.

Servant of the Most High said...


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TheSingleGirl said...

Would you know that I originally read this as blog 'FOLDER' instead of fodder? Wow. I thought you were blogging via email. And I was all embarrassed about your mom knowing how to when I didn't know how to.

*Tries to shut lights off with tv remote control*

I didn't know that song you mentioned so we'll just deduct a couple more points off of my IQ. Right on the beach, though? YES. RIGHT there. It was nice. (Understatement)

Your laptop story. It broke. My. Heart.