Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting Older...The Kids AND Me

AJ had his one month appointment last Friday morning. He's 10 1/2 pounds now! Yikers. My little guy is SOLID. They didn't go over percentiles with me this visit, but I'm pretty sure he's still up there. His circumcision area looks good - when the doctor was poking around down there, he peed on her...and me. hehe It was funny. Then she checked his ears, and guess what, my little guy has an ear infection. I guess all the coughy hacky sneezy that's been going on around here got to him too. Waaah. He's been a good sport though and hasn't been acting fussy at all. But now I have to give him antibiotics twice a day. He doesn't like it, but he tolerates it because he wubs me.

Baby Pants had her 2 yr appointment in conjunction with AJ. She's right on track as well - 36 pounds, and darn, I forget how long she is. I think it was because she started freaking out about getting measured, and we just got through it quickly. I'm not sure why, but for her last couple of doctor's visits, she has been totally freaking out every time. She has never had a traumatic experience at the doctor (we postponed immunizations) - so it's kind of odd. She has an ear infection now too, that she got WHILE on Amoxicillin for her upper respiratory infection - so her pediatrician switched antibiotics to a cephalosporin (sp?) which is once a day for 10 days. Now I have to go BACK to the doctor in 2 weeks for a follow up - seriously I have spent over $200 in the last week on doctor's visits and antibiotics...and that's WITH insurance. argh.

Anywho...hopefully the kids will all be better soon.

So, not only are my kids getting older, but apparently I am too. There was a segment on this Christian radio station that I listen to where the DJs were talking about getting older, and what things make them know they are getting older. So, at first, I had a hard time coming up with some - but then they just started flowing this week. I'm going to be 30 next month, and I know that's not "OLD" per se, but it is 'older' than I was 10 years ago. And for sure some things have changed - and here's what I've come up with so far.

#1 - I can leave the house wearing glasses and no makeup. This would TOTALLY not have happened 10 years ago - I always put my contacts in before leaving the house, and always had a full face of makeup on before I set foot out the door. In fact I used to SLEEP in my makeup, just in case my house caught on fire and some hot firefighters needed to come rescue me. (that never happened by the way...hehe)

#2 - The things that I want for gifts are starting to become WAY practical. Is it sad that what I really want for my birthday this year is a Shark Steam Pocket Mop? It will make mopping my floors SO much easier, and supposedly it disinfects too, which is a good feature. What ever happened to wanting clothes and CDs?

#3 - I drive a freakin' beasty of an SUV. When I was a younger mom, of only one child, I drove a really cute Mitsubishi Eclipse sports car (the cute bubbly model - not the newer boring looking one). I had already graduated to a smaller SUV by the time baby #2 came around, which was a Ford Escape - and that one stuck with me through baby #3, and pregnancy of baby #4 - but, yeah - the Escape only fit 5 people total - so a hubby, wife, and 4 kiddos was NOT going to fit. I am STILL putting off the I got an Expedition instead - BUT, I am really starting to see the benefits of the minivan, especially the ones that have the auto-sliding doors. Ugh...I'm destined to a be a minivan mom, I can tell.

#4 - I commented on a friend's blog this week (a younger friend), and mentioned the Vanilla Ice song "Ice, Ice Baby"...and...she had never heard of it. Waaaaaaah. (Sorry Michelle...had to blog about it - it's funny, but also makes me feel super old). Also - if you haven't checked out her blog yet, check it out here.

#5 - My date nights no longer consist of "clubbin" - and if they do, we feel totally dumb and out of place. We usually just hit up casual bars or coffee houses with acoustic music now.

#6 - My older kids think I'm a dork.

#7 - I've been friends with my BFFs for over half my life time...we're talkin like 20+ years yo. I met my BFF in 1988 - we didn't become BFFs till around 90 or 91 - but still....that's a long freakin time.

OK, that's all I can write about now - I'm getting somewhat depressed. hehe. No, it's really OK - in all honesty, I have been looking forward to my 30th birthday since my 20th birthday. When I turned 20, I had already been a mom for almost 3 years - and I was tired of having the 'teen mom' label. I was also working with women who were in their late 20's/early 30's, and they seemed to have life so much more together than I did. So I thought I would have life all figured out by 30, and that things would be awesome and great.

I don't have life figured out..but things are pretty awesome and great I'd have to say. So, I guess getting older isn't all THAT bad. :)


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a cute, cute blog....Enjoyed my visit...

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I'm only 26 but I am soo on the old track with you. I could relate to most of that. I wears sweats and no make up most days and don't care. I went to a Vanilla Ice concert thank you very much. I've known my best friend for since 6th grade, so like 15 years.

Soo sorry all the little ones have ear infections. What a pain for them, and you I guess. I am just waiting for Aiden's first one. I'm soo afraid I won't know though because he pulls his ears all the time when he's sleepy.

Glad to see you are finding the time to blog a bit.

TheSingleGirl said...

If it makes you feel any better...part of the reason why I didn't know Ice Ice Baby was because I listened to country (COUNTRY) until I was like 8.I recognized the song, though. And now it's stuck in my head and I'm annoying The Pit with it. Productive day, all around.

Ear infection?! Poor little guy. What a pumpkin. He tolerates being sick better than ME. It got Baby Pants, too? Those infections are just mean.

I have an SUV! It's a Jeep. That counts, right? I don't know how to drive it, though. My CDL carrying man is too impatient to teach me. So now he is my chauffeur. (It's a 5 speed.)

I kind of want a SteamVac. Ok. I reallllly want one. But not for a birthday gift.

Long term BFFs = awesome.

30 will be fabulous. FABULOUS. Everything older sounds old. It's not, though. Until you hit 80. I'm ancient by my own 9th grade standards. Women in their 30's are hot. Watch the Sex and the City episode about it. It's in the Hamptons. Girls in their 20's are messes and have no clue. NO. CLUE.

Yes. My wisdom comes from tv shows. And it ain't even current because I wasn't allowed to watch the show when it first came out. And I'm a bumpkin.

My birthday is in May. Let's combine parties.


Angela Hill said...

umm... remember my post about being old? its listed on the side of my blog under "I'm old". it chronicles my experience with uncultured kids that don't know too legit to quit, they probably don't know ice ice baby either...

also because you asked, my birthday is march 22 (tomorrow). I'ma be 28 (that wasn't a spelling error, I'm trying to sound cool like fergie. did it work?). but I'm okay with it. mostly because my husband decided to buy me diamonds for it. that and I've been drinking.

Danielle said...

30..seems like so long ago for me. And I'm deprssed that I am no longer in my "early 30's" but now in the "mid-30's". I'm almost to 40. Wow. 40!!! Holy shit.
Anyways, I am looking forward to lunch and being able to hold AJ!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Older and wiser. That's what I like to call it. Hope your kiddos mend soon. I always felt like I was in a revolving door at the dr.'s during those early years!

Crissy said...

I am sorry to hear that all your kiddos are sick. Poor things!

I have a shark and it is pretty cool because it dries almost instantly. Plus no stickiness. I think going to coffee houses with your hubby is way cool. My husband is quite a geek so we play Halo (video game) together. It kind of drives me crazy because he is always the Master Chief and I am always some ugly alien.

Your little guys is SUPER CUTE!!!!