Monday, October 5, 2009

Marriage Monday - 10/05/09

OK - I have 22 minutes for this post to qualify as a Monday Post.

A couple months back, I came across a blog called The Great Adventure, via a comment that a fellow blogger left on one of my posts. The gal over at the Great Adventure, Katy Lin, was doing a 31-day series of praying for her husband and encouraging others to do so as well. I was late coming into it, so I didn't do it (I'm kind of a person who likes to start at the beginning). But I saw that her next series was going to be on the book "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian. I was SO excited, because I wanted to read that book too.

I had been feeling prompted to track my own journey to a better marriage on my blog, and to call it 'Marriage Monday'. But, life got in the way - and I thought I had missed the boat, because I was pretty sure by October, Katy Lin was well into her PPW series (and you now know how I feel about starting things at the beginning...hehe). But guess what? I went back to her blog today, and found that she had been busy working on a ministry with her hubby, and she restarted the series over...TODAY. OK, so now I have no excuses...and this is my first Marriage Monday post.

Not really sure what the structure of my posts is going to be - I figure I'm going to go chapter by chapter, as Katy Lin is suggesting and then see what sticks out to me.

Chapter 1 - The Power (pp 13-23)

OK - wow, first page, page 13 - and this sentence hit home "It's (this book) is a gentle tool of restoration appropriated through the prayers of a wife who longs to do right more than be right, and to give life more than get even." -- I am definitely a "be right" and "get even" kind of gal - I know that many of our arguments could have been avoided if I would have been a "do right" and "give life" kind of gal instead.

This chapter also tells us that it's very likely that our husbands aren't going to pray for us in the same way that we pray for them, or even at all. This is where this thing goes against our nature of "What have you done for me lately?" (thank you Ms. Jackson - sorry, couldn't help myself). We truly have to pretty much die to that way of thinking, in order for our prayers to be effective. And I've already come across days where the last thing on my mind was praying for my husband to have a great day, and for blessings to come his way. In fact, I was thinking more like, I hope he has a really crappy day and that a bird poops on his shoulder, then maybe he'll realize what a butt he was being to me today. But that type of thinking is not what is going to make my marriage better.

A suggestion in this chapter that I think is valuable as well is to find one or two other women you trust, that you can get together with, either in person or on the phone, on a weekly basis to pray and encourage each other. We don't need to go into all the details about what a jerk our husband has been that week, but rather according to PPW "the purpose is to ask God to make your heart right, show you how to be a good wife, share the burdens of your soul, and seek God's blessing on your husband."

I truly believe that any woman, at any stage in her marriage, even if it's going great right now - would benefit from praying for her husband on a regular basis, daily if possible. I know I'm going to try my hardest to do it every day.

If you want to join along in Marriage Mondays, I would love for you to join me and share your journey if you'd like! In fact, I'm going to try my first MckLinky list. :)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I read a book a long time ago about this very issue. I think I'm a better witness to Mr. D now that I quit keeping score. I used to be that way ALL the time.

Mama Mary said...

I have to have this conversation with myself all the time--to stop projecting things onto my husband, wondering what has he done for me (loved the Ms. Jackson reference btw) and wondering when he is going to change. I continually remind myself (and pray) that I can only control my own actions and that I have just as much responsibility as he does for how things are going. It's funny the book says, the husband will probably not pray--I often ask my hubby if he has prayed lately. He says yes, but for some reason I doubt it. I guess I need faith and also I need to stop caring if he does or doesn't.
What is a MckLinky by the way?

Diane said...

Good quote. I do have the tendency to be right but that seems to get me into trouble. Letting God be right and lead me seems to work out better...... Hmmm. :O)

Angela said...

I always keep score but then again so does Mike. I guess we both need a book and a wake up call!

Triumphant Victorious Reminders Copyright © 2009 said...

Great words today! By the way...I have an award waiting for you at my site!

Faith Imagined said...

Sounds like a great book! I am going to take your lead and really start praying for my husband!

Crissy said...

I need to check that book out! BTW, that is so cool your hubby is in motorcross!