Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hooray for Bullet Time

OK, so I tried to post sometime last week, but Blogger was not letting me. It was giving me some sort of "You cant post right now, because Blogger sucks" kind of message. So, I gave up, and now here we are...and all I can do is bullet. Because that's what I do when I haven't blogged in awhile and need to catch up.

And away we go...
  • There is a Dollar Tree getting ready to go in by the Target!! Can you say, "YIPPEE!!!"??? I can...and I said it out loud to myself in the car when I was driving by Target and saw the sign that said "Dollar Tree coming soon". YIPPEE!!

  • My daughter, Cita, turned 8 on March 30th. WHAT? 8 years has NOT gone by since she was born. That is just ridiculous. She should be 3 or something.

  • I started to work part-time last Monday. I'm telecommuting for 4 hours per day...with my infant son at home since I'm still nursing. Yeah...it's going awesome. But seriously, I'm just sort of getting my feet wet again as I prepare to return back full time on May 10th. It's going pretty well.

  • My 2 year old's most commonly used phrase at this juncture is "I do it MYTHELF!"

  • The craziness of my kids' sports has begun, but it really hasn't been as bad as I initially thought. That's the beauty of building something up to be MUCH worse than it actually is. Then, when it actually comes around, and doesn't quite reach the level of bad that you thought it was going to be, you can pretend that it doesn't suck THAT much.

  • I started working out last week...to the program called "Insanity". I'm an infomercial, workout DVD junkie. Seriously. I have a bajillion workout programs on DVD...and am I ripped? Well, I just had a baby 7 weeks ago, so that's not fair to ask right this second. But have I EVER been ripped from using the DVD programs when I wasn't 7 weeks post-partum? Ummmm...nope. So why do I do it? I think it's all of the success stories that they put in the infomercials...I always find a bit of myself in some of those success stories. I just seriously lack the willpower. I've already missed 2 workouts, and this is only the beginning of Week 2. Argh. BUT, on the plus side, just from the workouts I DID do...I've lost 2 pounds and 1% body fat in one week. Maybe if I actually committed to these things, I could be ripped. :)

  • We had a nice Easter. I took the girls to the park in the morning, and then we went to my Mother-in-Laws for lunch. She made a YUMMY ham, and salad, mashed potatoes, some creamy cauliflower and broccoli thing and bread rolls. Mmmmmmm. Then we had a custard cake with fresh fruit on top, and mandarin orange sherbet for dessert. Double Mmmmmm.

  • Every stray cat in our neighborhood finds our house. Seriously. A new one just showed up this past week. It's white, with a couple black spots on its forehead and it yowls ultra loud. We don't let him in the house, but he has managed to sneak in a couple times and chase our other cats around. They don't like it.

  • My knock off version of Spanx does a pretty good job of holding in the post-baby flabberoo. But when I take it off, my fat explodes out of it like it's relieved to have been released from its prison.

  • AJ is getting HUGE! He's going to be 7 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe it's been that long.
  • My husband's friend said that AJ has my cheeks. I was all "AJ's cheeks are FAT, what are you trying to say?"

  • Aaron was in a motocross race this past weekend. He did pretty well. He's up against a lot more experienced dudes because they have more time to practice during the week. (Read: 17 year old kids with no jobs)

  • My oldest, SAM, did great in her volleyball games on Saturday. On her last play, she tried to spike the ball, but hit the ball so hard that it flew over the net, and hit the wall behind the bleachers where all the parents were sitting. EEK!

  • Why do 2 year olds have to wake up at the sound of the first bird chirp? I can't wait until she learns the concept of sleeping in on weekends.

OK, I think that's about all I can muster up for today. AJ has his 2 month appointment in a couple weeks...so I'll post more pictures then. OH YEAH, I looked at Baby Pants' measurements from her 2 year checkup, and she is 3 feet tall right now. My grandma says that if you measure a child when they are 2, and then double it, that's how tall they will be as an adult. That would make Baby Pants 6 feet tall...hmmmm...not sure about that one. Maybe we should put a basketball in her hand now. ;)


Mama Mary said...

I love Target, but what's a dollar tree?
I totally buy those infomercial workout DVDs. Not ripped either.
Lexi's fave saying is "I can do it."
Just bought spanx yesterday for the event tomorrow. Those things are serious! xoxo

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Nothing wrong with Spanx, girlfriend!
Go easy on yourself!
My kids are finally at the point of sleeping in a little. Total bliss.

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

ZOMG. It's crazy that you're doing Insanity. (Crazy. Insanity. Heh.)
My friend posted a link to a Youtube clip of that madness on my Facebook a while ago, all "OMG LOOK AT THESE CRAZY PEOPLE! Let's do that! Yeah right!!! LMAO!!!" That shiz looks HARD, girl.


Ohhhh, yeah, the 'I don't do digs' didn't make sense to me either. I called her on an obvious dig and instead of explaining herself or apologizing she just informed me that no, it wasn't a dig because she just doesn't do them. Ok then.

We have a cat issue. He yowls outside the bedroom window at night and The Bottomless Pit yells out the window AT him. Poor Toopid Toopid.

My skank friend made a similar comment about The Cute's chubby cheeks being from me. But said skank friend has acne and a large nose. I take comfort in that. And my chubby cheeks are actually ginormous cheekbones. Unless she was talking about my other cheeks. Those are fat, yes. ;p

I'm intrigued by your grandma's growth predicting methods. I even checked my baby book a minute ago. I got robbed outta FOUR INCHES! I was supposed to be 5'8"!!!!


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