Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poop at Last...Poop at Last...Thank God Almighty I have Pooped At Last!

Whew!! It was like birthing a child, but relief has finally come! At 2pm I decided that I was taking a magazine into the bathroom, and I was not leaving until I pooped. And 35 minutes later, the task was finally finished! I contemplated taking a picture of my success, but decided that would be REALLY gross, so I didn't...but I have to admit, I did stare for several minutes. But let me tell you, I feel SO much better knowing that my intestines are no longer backed up with nasty stuff that will make me sick. After Aaron was in the hospital for his liver thingie, he heard horror stories about people that didn't poop for days, and it backed up and came out of their MOUTH!! Can you believe that?? That gives a whole new meaning to "talking shit" (excuse my language). But I definitely did not want to have that issue, so I'm really glad I was able to go today.

But, I am also feeling a lot better as far as my soreness goes as well. I got up and cleaned the house today, showered and actually shaved my armpits which were starting to look like a rain forest. I also had of my best friends from school came over with her 4 month old baby. She is SO precious! But, she did not like her Auntie Crystal. She was smiling at me in her car seat, so I went to go take her out, and that started our love-hate relationship. She started crying instantly. But as soon as my friend took her back, she was fine, and smiled at me some more. Even as they were leaving, and my husband was coming home, I said "Look at the baby, isn't she sweet? But she doesn't like me." And as soon as I said that, she started crying again! HeHe. Sorta made me feel bad, but I guess I can't expect ALL babies to love me just because I happen to be the best mom in the whole wide world (OK, maybe just on Larkspur Drive...OK, maybe just on the South side of Larkspur Drive, in between 32nd street and 30th Street...because I think the rest of the people on our side of the street are either single dudes, or really old people).

Anywho...that's it for today. I think I'm going to try and sneak in a little nap before the rest of the young'uns get home.

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