Friday, February 27, 2009


WARNING: This first part of my post is going to be kinda gross.

OK, you've been fairly warned. Does anyone else get pimples on the INSIDE of their nose that makes the outside of their nose hurt? I get a recurring pimple on the inside of my left nostril that hurts like a mo' fo'. I can tell when I'm about to get it because the outer tip of my left nostril begins to hurt. Then I go through about a week or so of trying to turn my nostril inside out so I can see said pimple and get a q-tip with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol or something on it so that it will dry up and go away. But until it does, the slightest brush of my nose sends really hurty signals to my brain.

PART TWO: Okay, if you skipped the above story, this one isn't gross.

I had to go to the post office today because I needed to ship some bags of baby clothes that I've had in the back of my SUV for probably a month now. I enlisted the help of a co-worker to help me carry them in (only to find they didn't have any boxes big enough for me to put the bags in...but that's another story). Anyway, after we got the bags out of the back, I went to close the door to my "trunk" (is it called a 'trunk' on an SUV??). And I don't know how the hell I did it, but I was somehow still standing UNDER the when I tried to slam it down with incredible force...I slammed it right down on top of my hard that it made me smash my bottom and top front teeth together. If my tongue would have been in the way, I'm pretty sure there would have been a chunk laying on the asphalt. Anywho...that also hurt like a mo' fo'...and I think I have a concussion now. OK, maybe I don't have a concussion...but it did make me a little more loopy than usual. I've now taken some ibuprofen and it feels a bit better...but geez louise.

PART THREE: Has nothing to do with parts 1 & 2

Our office got "piped in" music when I got in to the office, I heard some Beyonce song. Since then I've heard, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, 'Brown Eyed Girl' (don't know who sings it), Rascal Flatts, Cyndi Lauper, Elton John (Circle of Life AND Benny & the Jets), One Republic, and a bunch of other stuff...and now Bette Midler is on singing Wind Beneath my Wings. I'm usually too lazy to turn the radio on in my office, so I work in silence...but having the constant music has been somewhat nice. If it gets to be too annoying, I can always close my door...but so far so good. :)

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