Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wish I could poop

so after you have surgery, you really don't care what you write about. Right now my biggest problem is that I can't poop. Apparently when you go under anesthesia, your intestines go to sleep and they forget to poop. So I am hoping they will wake up soon, because I am eating and not pooping, and that can't be good. I ate Raisin Bran and everything and still NO POOP!! WTH?? I ate Bran, that is supposed to make you poop, but to no avail. OK...enough poop talk. Back to watching endless amounts of TV and hoping the rumbling in my tummy means I will poop soon. I'll keep you updated.


Danielle said...

Not pooping is not fun. Are you still at the hospital? Surely they can give you somethign to wake up those intestines!!

Crystal said...

Nope, I'm at home just walking around is all I have to wake them up. hehe

San Diego Momma said...

May the poop flow!

Did you try stool softener? That's what I did after delivering my babies (the biggest poops in the world).