Saturday, January 31, 2009


**Updated on 08/14/09 - Using as a Mama Kat's Writers Workshop - I know I cheated, but I already had a blog entry for #1. hehe**

No, not the current location. CAUTION: this may contain yucky stuff and be grammatically incorrect as i'm using my iPhone and typing with my left hand because they put the IV in my right arm, duh why would they do that?

Anyway, I have gall stones. I have known this for about a year, but have done nothing about it. So I deal With occasional gall bladder attacks. The first time I had one I thought I was having a heart attack. Pain in my chest that radiated to my back. I got nauseous and puked but by the time I got to the hospital that time I felt ok. So I just followed up with my doc, got an ultrasound and they told me I had gall stones. Doc said I could have them sucked out via a tube down my throat or have my gb removed. I chose the third option, which was "don't do a damn thing".

So the last few attacks have been minor, and I was able to get through them. But tonights attack woke me up at 1am. I tried my techniques to get the pain to go away, which include applying pressure to my sternum with a small ball, as well as whispering "Please God, Please God" over and over.

But the attack this morning was unrelenting. So I woke Aaron up and told him I was calling an ambulance to take me to the hospital because he had to stay home with the kids. So Fire Dept shows up at my house asking me questions as I'm writhing about on the floor in my sweatpants that have about 5 holes in the butt. They aren't allowed to diagnose abdominal issues so they call an ambulance to come get me. As I get to the ambulance, I get nauseous and barf on the street. Then they hand me a barf tube, basically a fancy trashbag. During all this I realize that one of the firefighters lives in my neighborhood and I've actually waved and said good morning to this guy, and now he's seen me in my Holy sweatpants as well as puke. That's a nice conversation starter for the next time I see my 'neighbor'.

After I puke that usually signals the end of the attack, so I am no longer in pain. So here I sit in the ER, just got back from ultrasound and am waiting to hear if my guts are infected or what. Most likely I will need my gall bladder removed. But don't these people know I'm a mom and I don't have time for this crap? And here I am thinking this was an f'ed up answer to a comment I made to God today about never having any time to myself. On the bright side if I have to be in here for a few days I might be able to get through my huge stack of magazines that I never have time to read because I never had time to myself. Oh the irony.


Danielle said...

OMG!! I hope you are feeling better. I guess we'll postpoine our lunch again! You do have a good excuse. ;) Let me know if you need anything!! Lots o' get better soon thoughts flying your way!

Wry Beauty said...

Oh no! My mom had horrible gallbladder issues this year and she has refused to get it checked out. I'm sending the link to her. I really hope you are doing better! *sending positive,happy thoughts*

The818 said...

Wow - I hope you're feeling better! Yikes!

The818 said...

Wow - I hope you're feeling better! Yikes!