Friday, January 9, 2009

The Sneeze Heard 'Round The World

So, yesterday, I'm on the 101 Freeway on my way to an Expo in North Scottsdale/ Cave Creek-ish at the Four Seasons. I'm supposed to get off on Scottsdale Road, but they had a flashing sign that said there was construction and to expect delays. I was coming up on the exit just before Scottsdale and thought maybe I would take that one to avoid the construction. I make my preparations and get in the far right hand land to exit...and then....I SNEEZE and this horrible shooting pain goes all through my lower back, and I'm squinting my eyes really hard saying over and over "Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh" and trying not to cry or hit anybody or pass out. I safely make it off the freeway, and I think...OK, the pain has subsided a little bit, perhaps I can just pull over, stand up and stretch it out. So, I turn left and realize that this street is not going to take me where I want to go because it I turn around and pull over to the side of the road to get out and stretch. I open the door, and make the attempt to turn to my left and get out, and again the excruciating pain. But, I deal with it, and put one foot on the ground and try to put the other foot on the ground. As soon as all my weight is on both feet, I feel so much pain that I want to drop to my knees, but I turn around and catch myself on the driver's seat. I cautiously get back into the car, and start driving toward Desert Ridge...because I thought I had heard one of the Phoenix Mommies talking about a place called Desert Ridge chiropractic so I thought it would be in the medical plaza across from Desert Ridge. I get over there, but don't see anything to that effect. So, I call the VP of Corp Development from my company, who I am supposed to be meeting at the Expo...and I'm now crying, and I tell him what happened. He says to of course take care of myself first, and not worry about the Expo, etc. I love our company. Then, I call my husband, bawling like a complete idiot now, and tell him I'm going to find a chiropractor. I called a friend to see if she had a chiro that she goes to, and if not, if she had the number of one of our other friends because I knew that she loved the chiro that she went to. Friend #1 did not have a chiro, so she texted me the number for Friend #2...I called Friend #2 but she did not answer...this made me cry just a little bit more. Then, I wiped my eyes and nose and decided to get a grip...I pulled out my laptop which has a wireless connection and Googled chiropractors in the area. I called my husband to tell him where I was going, and bless his heart, he had already driven over to the Desert Ridge he met me at the chiropractor and helped me hobble in.

They took Xrays, and then the doctor adjusted me, and I felt just a teensy bit better. I was walking with a little bit less pain. Aaron had to go back to work after he helped me inside, so I had to get myself back to my car and drive myself home. Then my instructions were to ice my back, 20 mins on and 20 mins off...and then come back at 4pm to get adjusted again. So, I did that...and by the time I went to my 4pm appointment, I was definitely walking a lot better...still gingerly, but not with pain at every step. The doctor adjusted me again, and scheduled me for Saturday morning. Last night I was moving around quite a bit better, with shooting pain only occuring if I happened to step a certain way, and when I was in the process of sitting down or standing up...also, sitting directly on my tailbone was a No No.

This morning, feeling a tad better than last night...I'd say I'm about at 60% of normal. Still the zings of pain with certain movements...but I got everyone off to school and daycare. The VP said I could work from home, but I decided I would come in, so I put some Bengay on my back (and happened to drop some on my cat's tail...hehe...gotta admit that's kinda funny...I just hope that when she eventually cleans herself there, that she doesn't make herself sick...I wiped off as much as I could). Then I got my ice pack out of the freezer, put it behind my back in the car, and headed off to work.

Pretty light day today, gonna go to lunch with my hubby because the new Jersey Mike's he's building is at the Chandler Fashion Center, which is right down the road from where I work. So that will be nice. I'm hoping my back is all better in the next day or really sucks to have to change the way you do everything: getting in and out of the car, bending to pick things up, rolling out of bed, picking up the baby (which I have to do, because there is no way in heck she would go a day without me picking her up...and by the way, she's 11 months old today, yay!!).

And that's about it...

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Danielle said...

Hey sounds like somthing that would happen to us this week!! Hope you're back to normal soon, that sucks!!
And there is a Jersey Mike's going by the mall!?!?! Yay I love that place!!!