Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am SO not a writer...and...Working out Sucks my first thought, is now that I'm following more and more blogs, and then clicking through to read the blogs that those people read...I have come to the realization that my blogs totally SUCK!! I'm a 28 year old, mother of 4, who used to think she wanted to be an author, still has the manually written out beginnings of a book that I began when I was 14 or 15, have gone to writers workshops, have a Dad that wrote a book (not published yet, but he wrote it dammit)...and I am SO not a "writer". Yes, I write stuff, in the sense that I'm sitting here typing words...but they are not words that are going to get my blog followed by hundreds of people. Not really sure that was ever my intent anyway, but even if it was, SO not gonna happen. And I am a total overuser of the ellipses, you know the ... that I put in between my phrases because I don't want to use proper punctuation? I don't know where I picked up that nasty little habit, but I have it. Be careful, it might be contagious! And I can add it to the habit of biting my nails, which I've done since I was in school. You'd think that now that I'm an adult, that I would have matured enough to stop myself from biting my nails so that I could grow them and they would look pretty, but NO. Still biting them to this day. Ew.

And, my second part of this blog is that working out sucks. I went back to the gym today for the first time in months, besides an occasional Hip Hop class. While at the gym, I decided I was going to do upper body (shoulders, triceps, biceps)...and when I got to the bicep part, my HEAVIEST weight that I could use, was TEN POUNDS!! I was really baffled about this because my baby is 25 pounds...but as one of my friends so nicely pointed out for me, I am not doing bicep curls with my baby all day. But, I still thought I'd be at least able to reach for the 12.5's!! WTH? So, even though it sucks...I'm still going to do it. You know why? It's totally vain, and has nothing to do with wanting to "live healthier". It's because I want to look like freakin' Denise Richards, that's why! I want my husband to walk into the wall every time he happens to see me get ready to take a shower, instead of looking at the little hot chicks in his Hot Boat magazine.

So...there you have it. My writing sucks, and I work out for the wrong reasons. Whatever. :oP

Have I mentioned I'm on my period?

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