Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Back is Better

So, after a couple visits to the chiropractor, my back is feeling TONS better, which I am really grateful for, because you don't realize how much you need your lower back until it stops working, or causes pain every time you attempt to move. And now I can start working out again...I had started up my program the Monday before I threw my back out, and then I had to stop again. It always seems like something happens to prevent us from getting in shape doesn't it? The kids get sick, we get sick, we hurt ourselves, work is busy and stressful, etc etc. But it has got to be done...I must and will get in shape this year. It's such an important thing to do for health issues and as a mom, for ENERGY! As I'm approaching my 29th bday, I realize how much less energy I have now than I did when I was 21...but I know that when our bodies are running at top performance that we can sometimes experience even GREATER energy than we did when we were younger. So, my program is back on as of today...and if something knocks me down again, I just have to get back up as soon as I can, or at least do what I can do, even if it's not a full workout. (Sorry, I didn't mean to turn this blog into a Fitness article...hehe)

Anywho...not too much else is going on. Work is going well, just busy...which isn't really bad, but sometimes I liked the days where I didn't have much to do. My hubby is doing well, and is able to work out again with lighter weights and has even ridden his dirtbike again, but that made him really sore since his body has gotten out of that habit. The girls are doing great in the grand scheme of things...hehe...they are healthy and happy, the sibling rivalry thing totally gets on my nerves, but they are really good kids and I'm proud of them. Good Lord I have been totally getting mushy about every little thing lately, which sort of freaks me out, because of course the first thing I think of is "Am I pregnant?". I've been taking my pills faithfully, but little Baby Pants was conceived while I was on Kariva. I switched to Yaz after her, and it's been working well so far, but I'm finding that it does tend to make me feel pregnant at some point during the month...I get emotional, want to eat junk, etc. (OK, now I'm turning this into a Birth Control article...WTH?)

OH! My Anniversary is tomorrow! Aaron and I will have been married for ONE whole year on January 16th. We have been together for 3 yrs and 2 months, but will celebrate our first wedding anniversary tomorrow. Awwww. We've come a long way in the past 3 years as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. He took on my 3 older girls, and treats them like his own, and I'm really grateful for that. He is turning them into boys, with all the dirtbikes and monster trucks and drag races...but, that's OK. ;) It's alright to not be a "girlie girl" all the time. We probably aren't going to do anything too extravagant for our'll probably just be a date night with some dinner and dancing or something like that. But that will be fun! We can maybe attempt an out-of-town thing next year when the baby is almost 2.

Alright, well I guess my lunch break is over now and I better get back to work. Hope everyone is having a great day!

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Danielle said...

Happy Anniversary!! Have a great weekend!!