Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Are Officially Child-Proofed

So, the time had come to child-proof the house...up until this point our method of child-proofing was yelling "Baby Pants...NO!!!" or "That's a No-No Baby Pants"...the first one was more for things like pulling herself up on the entertainment center which I knew for a fact was going to drop the TV on her head one day, and the second was more for when she pulls all of the oven mitts out of the kitchen drawer.

I hadn't planned on paying professionals to come in and do it, I was more going to assign it as a task to my hubby to complete some day...but I got a recommendation from Phoenix Mommies because another mom was looking for a company that would childproof her home, and Arizona Childproofers was the name that was recommended.

These guys were QUICK. They put cabinet locks on about 20 cabinets/drawers, installed a TV anchor to the aforementioned TV that was going to drop on Baby Pants' head someday, put padding around our fireplace and some more on the corners of our coffee table, installed a toilet lock, and some plastic sliding locks above the accordion doors to our den...in less than an HOUR!! It was about $250 for all the equipment plus labor, but it was well worth it in my opinion for the time/energy it saved our family. And a drop in the bucket when you are protecting your child from being seriously injured. (We've had enough hospital trips in the past year, thank you very much)

So...anywho, that's all I really had going on today.

I chickened out on today's PROMPTuesday, because I just really didn't feel up for the challenge. But if you are, check it out! :)

Have a great day!

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'd have totally paid someone to do that for me! I now offer my sons to new mothers--guaranteeing them that they'll demonstrate every un-child-proofed nook and cranny within an hour of arrival.