Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big Trucks..Skull and Cross Bones...and Jesus Stickers..oh my!

OK...so this morning, I was driving to work, and I see this large Dodge Ram driving down the road. It was to my left, so at first I couldn't see it's bumper. What initially drew my attention, was this large skull & crossbones sticker on the back window that said this:

Then, as he sped up, and eventually got in my lane in front of me...I look down at his bumper, and see this:

Don't you always laugh when you see stuff like that? There is a reason why I don't put Christian stuff on my car anymore...I'm not perfect, but when you have a Christian symbol on the back of your car, everyone expects you to be. And then, when you're not, you give everyone who doesn't like Christians more reason not to like us. "Oh look at that lady in the Ford SUV that just cut me off...she's got a Jesus Fish on the back of her car. Some Christian SHE is." Isn't it funny that people who don't like Christians still have expectations of how we should act? They expect us to act differently than everyone else, with more kindness, integrity, stronger moral values...but what they don't understand is that we are human just like everyone else. However, we have an inner desire to change, to become the person God had in mind when we were born. Unfortunately, the process doesn't happen overnight...and we still might cut someone off, or lose our temper. I understand that not every person who claims to be a Christian has any desire to transform their lives...and if you don't, please don't put contradicting stickers on your car and make it worse for all of us.

Or if you insist on doing it, please add this sticker as a disclaimer (hehe):


Angela said...

My comment is two fold.
1. My favorite bumper sticker ever: "God requires 10%, why should the government be any different"
2. Consider yourself lucky that you do not live in a small town where the locals hang "bull testes" (covering for their inadequacy) from their trailer hitches. YIKES
I don't have a secret work to type in....I am not special...or I am so special they do not require me to type in a word!!

LIFE IS GOOD.........

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've had the SAME thought!!! I don't slap the fish on because I'm not positive I'd do it justice--and I cringe when I see the holy roller bumper stickers on a truck that's cutting off traffic or tailgating. There's witnessing and witnessing--and frankly, Jesus struck me as a one-to-one kind of guy--it's always better to proclaim faith personally. More acceptance and forgiveness that way. GREAT post, honey.