Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Joys of Pregnancy

Ok...I'm only 6 weeks pregnant so far, and here's all the "fun" stuff that's going on:

  1. I've gained 10 pounds - What in the freakin' hell?? Really?? 10 pounds?? I think the scale is lying, but regardless, my butt is going back to the gym ASAP. I worked out during my last pregnancy and I think that's the only thing that saved me from becoming the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man - and apparently I better do it with this one too - cuz, let's do the math shall we? 10 pounds in 6 weeks = 1.6 lbs per week. Pregnancy is 40 weeks, so 1.6 x 40 = 64 pounds!! And you know you always gain more at the end, so we'll just round it to 70. Yeah...that's not gonna work for me.
  2. My sleeping patterns are jacked up - Not to mention the fact that I have a 16 month old with an erratic sleep schedule, now my body's internal sleep clock has gone on the fritz. I want to sleep during the day, and I toss and turn all night. I took a nap right after dinner, woke up at 9pm, helped my 7 yr old get packed for her Girl Scout camp trip tomorrow, did about an hours worth of work from 11p-12a, and now here I sit, blogging, when I should be sleeping.
  3. I have Gas...lots of it - I know this one may be too much information, but seriously, is there anything I can eat now that won't give me gas? At first I thought it was funny because now my hubby isn't the only one making music with his rear-end, and let's face it, farts are funny, as much as you may not want to admit it. But now, it's just sort of annoying and uncomfortable. Especially because I don't want to toot at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  4. Acne - It's like high school all over again. And guess what? Having acne on top of getting fat and gassy is just not right.
  5. My boobs are huge - This is usually my first tell-tale sign that I'm pregnant. And, I just bought new bras to fit my way smaller pre-pregnancy boobs just a couple months ago - and in fact just bought a fancy Victoria's Secret one specifically designed to make my boobs look bigger. Guess I won't be needing that one for awhile.

OK...that's all for now, I am going to go eat some cherries (which will probably give me gas), and try and go to sleep (and as soon as I do, I'm sure my 16 month old will wake up).


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh my, perhaps the gas just has you bloated and the weight is temporary?
I hated calculating my weight gain by the week--I gained 70 with my firstborn. Yikes!

Danielle said...

WHAT THE HELL DID I MISS??? Did you do a post stating you were pregnant??? I totally missed that one. So CONGRATS!!!!! Wow!!! I am kind of jealous actually...We NEED to do lunch now for sure soon!!!

Coupon Magnet said...

Congrats! :) There's so much going on in early pregnancy - i'll bet you can't wait until the 2nd trimester. lol

Angela Hill said...

wow congratulations!!!! sorry about all the discomfort, but considering I lost 10 pounds the first trimester because I puked so much, I'm thinking you should maybe see the gain as at least a little bit of a blessing.