Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Holy Summer Storm Batman!!

OK, so I was just sitting here, reading other people's blogs, checking my email, yada yada yada - you know, all the stuff I do at 1030pm when my husband is out riding his dirtbike at the track and I can't sleep worth a hoot.

Then, all of a sudden I start hearing weird noises outside. At first I thought it was one of our umpteen cats (you can read about them here) - but it wasn't, it was a huge gust of wind that started blowing all of our backyard paraphernalia around.

And guess what?? As soon as I started to write about it, and took the time to look up the post about my cats so I could link you to it, the darn thing ended. That's a freakin summer monsoon in Arizona for ya - they end just as quickly as they start. We didn't even get any cool lightning and thunder. Oh well - so much for a really cool summer storm post.

OHHH! But I do recall that I forgot to tell you my heebie jeebie story from a couple weeks ago! So, my husband had to go to Utah for work a couple weekends ago - so I was home by myself with the girls. Anywho, we had just finished dinner, and I was getting ready to clean the cat litter box (cuz that's what everyone does when they finish dinner). The litter box is in our laundry room, and the room has a door that leads outside. So, I prop the door open with the container of cat litter (fresh litter, not used), grab a trash bag, and then unplug my cat litter box (yes, I have the electric one that sweeps it into the plastic bin - but you have to dump the whole thing every once in awhile, or it just gets gross). I hang one of the handles of the trashbag on the propped open door handle, and lift the cat litter box out of the laundry room and onto the sidewalk outside the door. As I do this...a FRIGGIN SCORPION STARTS RUNNING AROUND THE LAUNDRY ROOM WITH IT'S STINGER ALL A-CURL!!! I of course scream "HOLY CRAP" (except for Crap rhymed with Snit) - and my eldest comes running over to see what's going on. And I'm just rubbing my arms up and down because I now have a bad case of the heebie jeebies - because what if that thing would have been stuck to the bottom of the cat litter box and then fell on my foot or something???!!! Anyway, it ran under the trash bin that we use to collect our recyclables (yay! we're helping the earth) - and there was no way in hell I was going to kill that thing myself, and of course my freakin' husband had to choose THAT weekend to go out of town. Anyway, I had to go to 3 neighbors houses to track down a dude that would come to my house and kill the damn thing. And you know what he used?? A fly swatter!! Then he put the dead scorpion in a plastic jar with a lid so I could show Aaron when he got home. Of course I immediately called him and chewed him out for being out of town when I needed him. ;) After the fiasco was over and I had calmed down a bit, I thought to myself...WTF?? I care for EIGHT CATS, and not a damn one of them took care of this little scorpion issue for me? That's more food for them. (yeah, that edict lasted about 30 minutes).

And that my friends is my summer storm turned scorpion story.


Angela Hill said...

the storm last night was weird, I kept thinking one of my children was out of bed wandering around the house. Shame on your husband for not being there in your time of need!! Of course my husband never is either, and even when he is I still have to do the killing because he's too "gentle" to kill a grotesque creature. I think he's just too lazy. You should read my scorpion story I have on my blog. It's in the list under my "about me" section. It'll give you courage and ideas for the next time you are in the situation.
p.s. sorry for the novel in your comments section.

Mama Mary said...

OMG--I would have FREAKED OUT! I am such a wimp when it comes to creepy crawlies and a scorpion, for cryin' in the night, are you kidding me? Yikes! I'm glad you escaped it's clutches unscathed.
And the storm sounds cool. In SD we don't have much in the way of exciting weather storms.

Angela said...

I was stung by a scorpion once. That little booger crawled in by shorts as they rested on the pool side deck. I went to put them on and got a pleasant surprise! Luckily, it was a smaller one. Not the big boys you have in AZ. Glad it didn't get ya!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What is with cats being so useless when it comes to home protection? I mean, great, they eat mice and birds, but take out the spiders already!
Ew! Scorpions!

Lauren said...

oh my are my hero...
2 heebie jeebie bug stories ....a SCORPION...omg...I'd freak.

I always dreamed of living in AZ but i never considered the bugs. maybe it's not in my future afterall.