Monday, July 27, 2009

More Bullets

Yep, more bullets - sorry, but it's the best I can do, I've been in an airport or on a plane since 8am this morning. I had to travel to Raleigh, NC to do some training at a system launch on Wednesday. Wish it would have been lighter when we got here, it's so pretty to see all the lush green surroundings when you live in the desert.

  • Our plane was delayed 2 hours, so instead of getting in at 8pm, we didn't get here til 10pm.

  • We're staying in a fancy schmancy hotel called the Washington Duke . It's beautimous.

  • My oldest came home on Saturday, and she actually texted me while we were in the same house! That is a 'no-no' and it was immediately brought to her attention.

  • My baby is almost 18 months old - and she's talking more and more, and it's making me sad that she's getting so old. Thank God I'll have my newborn fix in just 7 more months (wait, did I just say that?? I'm having a newborn in 7 months, holy crap!)

  • I don't think my toe is broken, I think I just bruised it, because it feels a lot better already and I can bend it now and stuff. But it's still purple, which is gross.

  • I want to be independently wealthy somehow

  • Oh, I got over half way through 'Three Cups of Tea' while on my flights, and there is hope people, it does pick up and it's very inspirational - so if you've picked it up but can't quite get into it, give it a couple more chapters. You'll get lost with all the different people he meets, and the style in which it's written is kind of distracting, but just try to glean the gist of it and you'll like it. I kind of have to read it in "skim" mode.

  • I don't like my Snickers to come from the refrigerator (I say this because I hadn't eaten since our stop in Dallas and I was hungry, but not hungry enough to order room service, so I looked in the mini-bar and there was a Snickers and that sounded good - but I don't like my candy bars to crackle when I bite into them, I like them to smoosh - unless they are meant to crackle, like a Crackle bar - is it spelled with a "K" though? I can't remember.)

OK, I think I'm done bulleting. Nighty night.


Unknown Mami said...

I agree. I like my candy bars to smoosh also.

Crissy Blog Design said...

- I love your made-up words.
- I pray your 5th baby is a boy. Although my heart goes out to him having so many sisters!
- Me and my hubby actually IM each other from our computers (his is downstairs and mine is up). It is ridiculous.
- I loooove frozen candy bars!!!

San Diego Momma said...

I'm a cross b/w a crackle and a smoosh. It gets confusing. The candy bar needs to firm up a bit in the fridge then melt a bit at room temp. It's a complicated algorithm that I always get wrong and it just makes me more pissy than I already am.

Also: newborn in 7 months!

Holy shit!

Faith Imagined said...

I like candy bars any which way! Love the blog design! Very pretty!