Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I've been slackin' on my bloggin' - I guess it's because I sort of feel like I haven't had anything blogworthy happen as of late. I'm working really hard on a project that is launching next week, so I guess much of my focus has been on that.

I guess I'm going to copy my buddy Angela over at The Hills, and if any of you read her blog (and if you don't, you should) - you may know what this means.....BULLETS!! San Diego Momma does this too - they are highly effective for recapping (and did you know that recap is short for 'recapitulation'?? I looked that up one day online). Anywho - let the bullets begin!

  • My oldest daughter is coming home on Thurday from her visit with my mom. Tons of drama ensued while she was there - she actually thought I would let her live with my mom for the next school year. There's some sad stuff involving kittens as well, but I don't want to make this blog a downer.

  • My second oldest daughter is coming home from her Dad's on August 15th. We will then have our full household back - it's going to be great...but weird at the same time.

  • After everyone is back, there is going to be much back to school shopping occuring.

  • During my company retreat last weekend, I got stung by a bee. I know many of you might not know this about me yet, but I have been deathly afraid of bees after being stung twice as a child, and I stored those experiences as very traumatic. So, whenever a bee gets in my vicinity, I always have a MAJOR freakout - the freakouts have calmed a little bit over the past few years as I've been trying to use my rational mind, but I always knew that if a bee stung me I would just about die from the pain (this was of course all in my head). So - I say all of this to say, that yes, it hurt, but not that bad, and only for a second - so I'm pretty glad that I got stung by a bee again as an adult so that I can now replace my traumatic memories with a not so traumatic memory.

  • I am in my 12th week of pregnancy - the gas has not stopped, the breakouts have not gone away, and I'm still pretty tired most of the time. I'm hoping when this week comes to a close, that the Second Trimester Fairy will come wave her magic wand over me and I will stop farting, my skin will glow, and I'll have my energy back! (here's hoping right?)

  • A few of you have asked how "Three Cups of Tea" is - well, I started it, and haven't picked it up again yet - I've been too engrossed in episodes of 'House' and 'NCIS'. What I've read so far has been pretty good - it does start off somewhat slow if you're not that into reading about mountain climbing, so I'm hoping when I pick it up again that it will get into the 'good stuff'. :)

  • My toddler has started sassing - this is great...not. I totally saw her doing the "I'm Pooping" face, so I asked her "Baby Pants, did you go poo-poo?" - "No" She says as she shakes her head. "Well, you smell stinky, so I think you went poo-poo. Did you go poo-poo?" - "No!" this time more adamantly. "Baby Pants, I know you went poo-poo, so let's go change your diaper". At this point, she starts shaking her finger at me and says "Buh Duh Del Mah Nuf Guh POO-POO!" (I interpreted this to mean - "No Mom, I think you are the one that's poo-poo!"). Ultimately, I win, and the poo-poo diaper does get changed...but only after she gets her own baby wipe (to help mommy) and proceeds to stick the wipe in her private area and then rubs it all over her mouth - great.

  • I got free Starbucks today - so that was awesome.

  • I'm barely 3 months pregnant, and already have to wear the "Belly Band" - you know, the thing that you probably would have worn as a mini-skirt back in the day, but now it's used so you can refuse to buy maternity clothes a bit longer, and still wear your regular pants with the button undone. It's a great invention...especially since affordable maternity clothes are ugly.

  • My latest funny conversation with my 4 yr old last night went like this "Mommy, is tomorrow a school day or a stay at home day?" - "It's a school day." - "Is it a show and tell day?" - "No dear, Friday is show and tell day." - "How come you know everything?" - "Because I'm a mommy, and mommy's know everything." - "Well, I know everything too, because I'm a big girl. I know what 'brain freeze' is, that's when your brain gets frozen." And then she skips away.

And now you are all caught up! :)


Angela Hill said...

thanks for the shout out!!! so, I only ever got stung by a bee as an adult and I'm now terrified of bees 'cause it hurt like an SOB, I'm very impressed that your fear has calmed.

Debbie said...

What a cute conversation with your four year old.
I thought Cups of Tea started so slowly. That's why I didn't finish it either!

Tooj said...

Your life sounds fantastically insane. In a sane way, of course. And I don't do bullet points, but I certainly do lists. It's easier to discuss the madness in "points" or lists because there are so many swirls going around. I dedicate Mondays to random thoughts. It helps get out a lot of weird one thoughters. Here are my bullets for your post:
-you are brave to be doing it, AGAIN (pregnancy that is!)
-I'm thankful you didn't share the kitten story
-Glad to hear the bee sting didn't hurt that badly, could have gone from traumatic to tragic
-I broke out with baby #2 two years ago and my face hasn't cleared. and this face has never experienced acne, ever, even during teenage years. I had to see a doc and am now using prescription cream. UGH UGH double UGH.
(popping over from SITS roll call - Happy Thursday!)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This was too funny and honest--you are so real, Crystal.