Thursday, September 17, 2009


OK - So today is my 99th post - so that means the next one I do will be my 100th (yes, I can do math, yay me!). And I have read lots of other blogs where people have done really cool things for their 100th blog post, like write 100 things about them, or, ummmm...uhhhh...actually mostly people write 100 things about them. :) I don't know if I could do that, I might get to 30 - I just honestly don't know if there are 100 little tidbits of info that the general public would like to know about me. So, as soon as I hit "Save" on this post - I'm going to be dreading my next one - maybe no one would have ever known it was my 100th post - but I would have known. Every time I go to my little dashboard, I would see that I was getting ready to create my 100th post - or if I decided to be dishonest and skip it, I would see that I was past 100 and would never get that one back. I mean, how cool is it to say, "This is my 113th post"? Definitely not as cool as 100th. OK - that was a lot of paragraph dedicated to something not quite so important. :)

Take a look at my little baby in a bubble in my left sidebar - isn't he or she getting so big!! After this week, I am officially at the half-way mark. Woo hoo! I'm feeling a lot more movement, it's pretty nifty. It's strong enough that my hubby can feel it now too. My little Baby Pants talks to the baby, even though I'm not sure she really understands what she's doing - she will point to her belly and say "Baby?" too - so I think she probably thinks everyone has a baby in their belly at this age. But she hugs my belly and kisses it and everything, and it's really freakin' cute. And she says "Hi Baby" in her cute little toddler voice. I totally need to videotape her singing her ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because it's so darn sweet.

This week, me and Cita (7 yr old) and Monkey (4 yr old) came down with the sickies for 2 days. We stayed home and drank DanActiv Immunity booster, and ate chicken noodle soup and sprayed Lysol everywhere! And the little buggy only stuck around for 2 days - we have residual cough but it's at least tolerable. I hate being sick - and I especially hate being sick and pregnant. Not a fun combo.

But needless to say, I should be working and not blogging - so I better run. Hope everyone has a great day!


Faith Imagined said...

I am glad the family is feeling better! Can't wait to read your 100th post!

Unknown Mami said...

Congrats on the upcoming 100th post! Mine came and went and I didn't notice.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You do whatever you want on your 100th!!! I'm sure it'll be fine:)But I know what you mean about psyching yourself out. That baby is getting SO BIG!

Danielle said...

We need to meet up for lunch so I can see you and your cute baby bump!

Angela said...

Once you get going with your will be shocked by how many things you will be able to write. It is kind of a self discovery.