Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Much To Blog...So Little Willpower

I am amazed at the swiftness with which time is passing me by...seriously, WTH? I blinked and it was September - not only September, but just one hour away from being September 10th!! That's like almost half-way through, people!! So, I hate to do it but....dun dun dunnnnn...BULLETS!!

  • The ultrasound on 09/01/09 went well - I didn't cave and find out the sex, so as far as we know we're having a healthy baby something-or -other. :) My placenta is low (I know, TMI, right?) - for now it just means they have to watch it and make sure it moves up as the baby gets bigger, if not, it means a c-section for me, which I do not find awesome at all.
  • My girls are in full swing of school, they've got the routine down, and it's pretty cool. (totally didn't mean to make that rhyme, it just happened that way, I swear)
  • I've been having some really cool 'aha' moments with my relationship with God, and in turn my relationships with other people. The first one I'll mention was more about my personal relationship with God - I became awe-struck last week at the thought that God, the Creator of the Universe, truly desires a one-on-one relationship with EACH one of us, and He and only He is capable of having that. How many people do you know that can have one-on-one relationships with the population of the world? Yeah, none. AND - not only that, but His relationship with each of us is completely different than anyone elses - He know ME, and how I relate to things, and that's different than how you relate to things. This got WAY deeper, but if I keep going, this won't really classify as a bullet point and I still have one other one to talk about. The other was having God reveal marriage to me from a dude's point of view, except I actually understood it...probably because my husband drives the comparable concept home all the time - and that is Marriage is like a car - in order for it to keep running, it requires constant maintenance. If you don't take care of your marriage, thinking that it's running just fine, you are likely to end up with a huge mess on your hands in not too long of a while. So, just like you have to change the oil, rotate the tires, get your 30,000 mile service, and wash your car - you have to maintain your marriage as well - don't just assume things are going okay and then have your engine drop through the floor onto the freeway.
  • I am starting a new business venture - yay! More on this to come - I know, I hate when other people do that to me, and now I'm one of "them". It will be running in conjunction with my full-time job, so I'm not quitting or anything. (just in case my bosses are reading - they're not though)
  • We went camping as a family for the first time over Labor Day weekend (just one night) - we did it 'tentless' (which I will never do again) - and it involved critters (read: raccoons and skunks, oh my)
  • I'm volunteering for the AWANA program at church - it's basically a fun Bible-verse memory program held at a local church - they work through books, recite verses, and get little prizes. My girls participated for the first time last year, they had a blast! I'll be working with 3rd through 6th grade girls - and strangely enough, none of my girls currently fall into that age group. My oldest moved up to the Middle School program this year (waaaah), and my younger 2 are in 2nd and Kindergarten - so my 7 yr old just missed having her mom as her teacher - phew that was a close one!
  • I got my kids all signed up for extra-curricular activities - Cita is currently taking karate through a program they offer afterschool once a week. SAM is signed up for volleyball and Monkey is signed up for soccer - both of those sports are through the same recreational program, and they start up in October.
  • I need a massage badly.
  • I'm hungry (what's new?)
  • My BFF in the whole wide world is moving back to AZ from Germany while her husband is deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months. You have no idea how EXCITED I am about this!

OK - end bullets. :) I feel somewhat better now that I've caught you up on most of my life - but I'm still extremely behind in reading your blogs...I'll catch up, maybe not on ALL of the posts I missed, but on the last few days at least...I promise!! :)

Good night!


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I love bullet lists and playing catch up is always the worst! I still can't believe you didn't find out the sex, oh the willpower you have!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well, VERY exciting news! Esp. about your BFF!!!
I hope your daughter loves karate;)

The Redhead Riter said...

"You have no idea how EXCITED I am about this!" I am SO HAPPY for you! I can tell from your post that you are more thrilled than words can say.

Visiting from SITS

Unknown Mami said...

Go get a massage already!

Angela said...

I hate when I have so many things to makes me just not want to bother at time! fyi, we just went swimming since getting the boat out can be a hassle for only a couple of hours of water frolic!

Sassy Chica said...

I just wrote a small post yesterday about life being busy crazy!

Thanks for the update!

Sassy Chica

Mama Mary said...

I am impressed you have the brain power and energy to blog, bullet points and all, considering you are pregnant AND already have a gazillion kids. :-) Priorities--eat, then get the massage, then eat again, and then play with your BFF. Oh, and the find time to take your kiddos to school and all their activities! Wow, I am seriously impressed. Can't wait to hear about the business venture!

Adry Viola said...

Love your blog! :) Come visit me too. I haven't seen you "around" in a long time...

Mama Mary said...

BTW, I just tagged you for an award/meme. It doesn't have to be your 100th post though. :-) Or maybe it will give you a good starting point. Either way, you're fabulous and I look forward to reading your obsessions.