Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who Loves Blog Awards??

ME! :) And I just got one from Mary over at the Mama Mary Show! It's the Your Blog is Fabulous award and it looks like this:

(but is it just me, or does it look like she has a trail of toilet paper stuck to her high heel? That would be me - thinking I look totally awesome in my high fashion outfit, but then there's toilet paper stuck to my shoe. hehe)

So - the thing with this award/meme is to write about 5 things I'm obsessed with - I have a feeling mine aren't going to be as fascinating as some of the other bloggers that have had this honor bestowed upon them - but - here we go anyway - if I can write 100 things about me, I can come up with 5 right? :)

1. Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappuccinos
I know now that I'm pregnant, I'm not supposed to drink caffeine...yada yada yada...but I got hooked on these things prior to my pregnancy, and I couldn't just stop cold turkey. When I was first introduced to these, I thought they couldn't replace my love for the actual Starbucks Frappuccinos - so I tried them hesitantly when they were introduced to the office fridge. And let me tell ya - they are YUMMY and they give me just the jolt I need when I have a lot of stuff to get done at work. When I get an actual Frappuccino, I always get Caramel with Whip - but in the bottled variety, I don't like the caramel flavored one as much as I like the mocha.

2. Organization and the objects used for organizing
Awhile back, I posted about how much stuff I have, and how I want to de-clutter my house. I've taken on this task, and so far, Ikea and Target have been my stores of choice for my Organizational tools. Thus far, we have organized my children's under-bed areas with clear tubs; my "junk" table with these cute green magazine boxes from Ikea - 1 box for my actual magazines, and 1 box for all the stuff that my kids bring home that they made for me that they don't want me to throw away, but they don't have an actual place for; my "junk" drawer - with a junk drawer organizer; my workout DVD shelf in my entertainment center, the previous organization was in the small brown boxes I packed them in when I moved - and they were just piled on top of each other - so I got matching green DVD boxes also from Ikea, and voila, my DVDs are hidden away in a fashionable manner. My next task is my childrens' closets and then my own closet - as well as my oldest daughters' dresser and desk areas - these will be accomplished with some more tubs, and some cabinets with shelves.

3. The Internet
This was mentioned on my 100 things about me post - but seriously - the software we use for my job is internet-based, I pay my bills, transfer funds, look up my daughter's grades, fill my daughter's lunch account, find movie times, add movies to my netflix, perform research, monitor my bank accounts, order lunch, take classes, blog, read blogs, shop, make hotel/flight/car reservations, get directions - the list goes on and on. You name it, and I will want to do it on the internet. I'm getting to the point now where if I'm going to do business with a company, you better have a website - if you don't, then you may as well not exist. If I can interact with your company mostly via your website/email, the better for me.

4. Making my children love each other - all the time
I know this is probably a moot point, but I absolutely can NOT stand the sibling rivalry crap between all my girls. It is like one of the top 5 things that piss me off. So, I have made it one of my top priorities to teach them to respect each other, love one another, and act in a mature way toward one another. Just this weekend, I made my girls write "I will love my sister as God loves me" 100 times for my 11 yr old and 50 times for my 7 yr old (she can't write as fast). I bought a book called "Keep the siblings, lose the rivalry" and I am ready to jump in and figure out how to apply every principle as soon as possible. I never grew up with any siblings, so most people will say - "Oh, it's just what siblings do" - but I refuse to accept that...or I will die fighting it. hehe

5. Keeping my toe nails short
Okay, I know this is a weird one - but I seriously can not stand it when my toe nails get even the tiniest bit of length on them. I don't know if it has to do with growing up as a dancer and getting ingrown toenails because of all the shoes that would squish my toes together (yuck, I know!) - but I keep them trimmed super-dee-duper short all the time. One time, because I thought my obsession with this was weird and not normal, I actually got fake toe nails (yes, they make them) from the drug store that had a french manicure on them and glued them to my toe nails to see what it looked like to have a big toe nail that actually went past the tip of my big toe - I hated it. I know they look somewhat better that way, especially when you want to get pedicures - but I just can't let myself grow my toe nails out.

Now to the fun part - I get to tag my friends in the blog-o-sphere with this Award / Meme.

To all of you ladies - I think your blogs are fabulous, I love reading them, they bring joy to my day (and if I didn't tag you this time, it doesn't mean I don't love your blog, I just think it's cheating when you tag everyone on your blog roll - not to mention it takes a long time to copy and paste the links...hehe):

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Melissa at Green Girl in Wisconsin

Danielle at Don't Touch the Cactus

Kerri at I'm Just Sayin'

Have a great day!


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

Wow, how exciting! I'll have to think about my list. I agree with you on the bottle fraps are JUST NOT the same! Oh and my Dr. told me up to 2 cups of coffee per day, so I sometimes treat myself to a real frap when i'm having a crumpy day! Enjoy!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Why thanks for the award! And I think your 5 things are FINE! I'm a short-nail girl with an organization/healthy sibling relationship/caffeine fetish myself!

Unknown Mami said...

Congrats on your award!

I'll always think of T.P. when I look at it.

Mama Mary said...

I love that you are teaching your girls to love and respect each other. I am trying to impart that to my two, too, even though Lexi is only 15 months old; I just really want them to be close and to get along! :-)

JennyMac said...

Congratulations on your award! And yes, it does look just a bit like tp on her heel. LOL.

Angela Hill said...

We completely forgot about the races tonight. I'm so sorry. Let me know when there are more, my boys would love to see them!! Hope you had fun tonight. talk to you late.r

Faith Imagined said...

How totally fabulous are you?! I'm totally excited about your pregnancy. Five! Wow! Go you!!! I'm done with three, though, we may adopt!

I'm wanting to organize my house, but I can't seem to find the time. Do a post on how you juggle it all. I would love to know!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Sometimes I feel like a fraud and then God confirms me through wondeful people like you! I love when God speaks in stereo; it means we're on the right track!!!