Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Excuse Me? Have you seen my funny?

OK...so every once in awhile I go back through my old blog posts to see what I've written about, because I'm a mom of 4 kids and have short-term memory loss (self-diagnosed). And my posts from back in December-ish were funny, like, I-laughed-out-loud-at-my-own-blog funny. And then, since the first couple of months in the new year, they've just been kind of "bleh". But let me tell you what I have deduced about my lack of funny.

I had my gall bladder removed in early February! And I think what they do not tell you when they remove your gall bladder is that your funny will be removed along with it. Maybe it grows back in some other organ, because I'm sure there are people out there sans gall bladder that are still funny.

You know who's funny? My grandpa. That guy made me almost choke on a Mickey-D's french fry in the car this afternoon. I usually talk to him in the morning, but I didn't get a chance so I called him on my way to go grab lunch. We were just chatting about my job, and some other miscellaneous stuff. And then he tells me he's bored, but he doesn't want to go to bingo again (he and my grandma go to the bingo at the casinos on the indian reservation here in AZ). So, I say "Why don't you go down to the craft store and buy one of those 'build a ship in a bottle' kits?". He says "I never understood those things, why would you want to put a ship in a bottle?". I say, "OK...well go get some of grandma's yarn and start knitting?". He says "That would be the end of it. I would go get my gun down and shoot myself if it ever came to that!" OH MY GOODNESS SAKE! I laughed so hard, that I inhaled part of a french fry (because who can wait until you are out of the car to eat a Mickey-d's french fry?) and almost choked to death (ok, not to death, but to the point of having tears in my eyes). I said "Grandpa! You can't be so funny when I'm eating french fries dang it!" And that's just one conversation...my grandpa is a seriously funny dude. He should be a stand-up comic. Wouldn't people love him? A 77 year old guy, up in front of an audience, saying funny stuff like that? I would pay to see him...but he's my grandpa so maybe I'm biased. He still has his gall bladder...that's why he's so funny.


Chrissy said...

teehee, old(er) people are often funny without even realizing it too! haha

Danielle said...

I feel I am suffering from the same affliction - losing my funny. I still have my gall bladder though. So I don't know what's up with that.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The gall of some people, bringing their funny out for everyone to see...;)