Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Much To Say - but somehow turned into a California rant

Still working...a ton. But that means I have a job right? I'm happy about that. My hubby's job has slowed down in Phoenix, so they are getting ready to take some work in San Diego. He is a Superintendent for a general contractor - they build retail stuff, mostly restaurants in shopping centers. So, he was in SD yesterday and is on his way home right now. I keep trying to convince him that we should just move there because I can telecommute with my job, and he can open an SD branch for his company. I really miss California. I grew up there as a kid, then moved away, then moved back when I was 21 to 23, and moved away again. When I moved away the last time in early 2004, I told myself I was on a 5 year plan to move back (because that was when I would have all my debt paid off). Well...I do have all my debt from 5 years ago paid off...but I have some new debt now with a new car, and I bought my husband a dirtbike for his bday last year. I think with the housing market the way it is, we could probably find a house in Cali that we could afford comfortably on our salaries. He doesn't seem to think so. Also, we don't have any family in SD...my grandparents live here and so does my husband's mom...and they are all really active in ours and our kids' lives. That aspect of moving away would definitely suck. And I'm really just daydreaming to think that a move to San Diego at this juncture in our lives could be a reality, but one can dream right?


Angela said...

I can relate to wanting to move to your "hometown". We would love to move back to Hendersonville which is only 90 minutes away as opposed to how far you are dreaming about going. The want is still there but selling our house would be more of an obstacle than finding one we can afford!! Good Luck. I hope whatever is truly best for you and your family is what happens.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I hope you get the chance to feel rooted--I really do.