Monday, May 4, 2009


I think my next month or so of blogs are going to be "Miscellany" because I have been so swamped at work, that it's probably going to be a week or two in between posts...and by then, I won't have one specific title that applies to them.

For example, I wanted to use the title "Goose Wars" the other day because my office looks out on a lake and there was a goose chasing another goose, and it was really funny. But of course I didn't get to blog about it because I was eyeballs deep in muddy water, I mean, work. (did you like my Tool reference?).

Anyway, I'm frazzled because I'm being groomed to be able to lead full-fledged projects all by my lonesome and it's FREAKIN SCARY I tell ya. Especially when you are dealing with dudes that are super smarter than you, and really analytical...I thought I was analytical...but no, I am not. I have the standard buttons on my Excel screen, and I know how to do pivot tables and vlookups...but this dude has 8 million buttons that run all kinds of funky programs that he wrote himself that will tell you what you want to eat for lunch that day based off of your answers to three hypothetical questions (okay, I made that up...but the dude has a ton of Excel buttons, and that intimidates me because I thought I was smart). There have been a few days this week where I have worked into the wee hours of the AM, and even fell asleep at my laptop once for about 15 minutes.

I'm hungry...I want McDonalds...but it's 3:27pm and I haven't eaten lunch yet, but dinner is in less than 3 hours so if I eat now, I won't be hungry and my husband will be mad because I won't want to eat his dinner. (Yay, my husband cooks! Every night! All the time!) I also need to go to Target, because Aunt Flo arrived today and I'm out of "coupons" (as my once 5 year old, who is now 11 years old, called them)..and I need some Soy Milk for Baby Pants. AND Baby Pants got diarrhea today. Isn't that lovely? And because of the hysteria around this damn "Swine Flu", our babysitter had to send her home. But thankfully my husband was able to pick her up, because I had a super important conference call with Mr. Analytical-Face (aforementioned). (Also...if you are reading this Mr. Analytical-Face, I like you, I am just intimidated by your please take my comments as compliments).

Oh what else...yeah, so I haven't written since my I guess I'll tell you about my presents. :) My husband got me riding gear since I learned how to ride a dirtbike this's pretty pink and black matching jersey, pants, boots and gloves. My mother-in-law got me some jeans and a couple shirts, and a book...can't remember the name of it at the moment. My grandparents got me a laptop cushion thingie complete with LED light, cup holder and pen slot. This was great because I'd actually been looking at those in the past few weeks, but hadn't made a purchase. My grandpa didn't think I would like it, so when I saw it and told my grandma that I loved it...she said "You go tell your grandpa, because he didn't think you would want this...and I told him you would." (hence why I have "I'm right, you're wrong" issues with my husband...years and years of living with my grandparents...God love 'em, hehe) My dad and step-mom got me a $100 gift card to Victoria's Secret...that one threw me for a loop, because I was like "Dude...I haven't bought anything from VS since I was like 19 years old". I actually had to take my time shopping because I didn't know exactly what I should get. So, I decided to replace the granny panties I have with some cute cotton bikini undies, a super cool pushup bra for the girls that have gone south, a new bathing suit, and some perfume. Happy Birthday to Me!

We took the girls to the Trophy Truck races out at Speedworld this weekend. It was pretty cool...we saw lots of wrecks. That's what everyone is there for. I have also decided that I should have a Trophy will fuel my inner desire to be a bad ass.
Anywhoski...I should probably decide what I'm going to do about food because I'm seriously starving, but it is now 3:40 and I leave work in 1hr and 20 mins, so is it worth it to go get something? Or should I just wait until 4 and leave for the day because I didn't actually take a lunch?

Things that make you go "Hmmmm". (C&C Music Factory reference)


Chrissy said...

I am totally craving McD's fries now...thanks. lol

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

YOu are the first woman I ever knew to ride a dirtbike. Wow.