Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm husband is in the hospital due to a dirtbike accident he had yesterday, and I'm exhausted. But the poor guy is the one in the hospital bed, and can't sit up or get out of bed (not because he "can't", but because the doctor won't let him). He has damage to his liver...there was a bruise on it and then blood behind it, but he isn't "actively" bleeding according to the doctor. He was moved out of the ICU and onto a regular floor tonight, so that's a good thing. But he's going to be in the hospital for at least 4 more days for monitoring...I guess if he moves around too soon or does too much, he could rupture the spot that was bleeding and hemorrhage or whatever. That's a great thing to think about...especially since my husband will most likely NOT listen to doctor's orders as soon as he is released. This a guy who has skied (is that the past tense of ski?) with a broken tailbone, walked around with a broken ankle for several weeks before going to the doctor, and going to work the day after getting a concussion. SO...if they tell him he's supposed to "take it easy", we'll see how well that goes over. But I mean, this is totally serious...he could bleed to death internally if he messes up, ya know? And that's frustrating to know that your husband is going to try and get right back to his regular routine as soon as he is released from the hospital. Yesterday he was all "I'm sorry for being such an idiot" and today he's asking the doctor when he can lift weights again. Grrr.

I was supposed to go out of town for a business trip today, but I couldn't do that because of the hospital deal. My mother-in-law or my grandparents would have watched the kids, but I didn't want to be on the other side of the country if something happened to Aaron. We weren't sure what his treatment was going to be, and they said surgery was I didn't want to leave until I knew what was going to happen. This morning is when they told him they were probably not going to do surgery, but were going to have him under observation for 5 days. So, I just stayed with him at the hospital for most of the day...he slept a lot, which is good because your body heals when you are sleeping.

OH! And I forgot to mention one of the most awesome parts, that totally boosts my faith in people. The way everything happened was on Sunday, Aaron was going to go for a ride with his friends, and then be home by 3:30pm because our girls had a Christmas Play that started at 4pm. My grandparents got to my house at about 3:30 and we were waiting for Aaron to arrive...and it was about 3:45 and he still hadn't gotten to the I said, "Well, let's just go, and we'll save him a seat". As we headed off to the church, I called his cell phone and left him a message letting him know where we would be sitting. As we get into the church parking lot, my cell phone rings, and it says it's Aaron's phone, but when I answer it, it's his friend who starts off his conversation with "Aaron's okay...but". That's never good. But he said he thought Aaron bumped his head pretty good and hurt his shoulder, and that his wife was going to take Aaron to the hospital. I didn't really know what to do, because all of my kids were already inside the church on the stage getting ready to perform. So, I told him I would go over there after the performance because my grandparents would have to watch the kids. He didn't make it sound very serious at first, and as I mentioned above, Aaron has injured himself pretty good before and he was OK. But, it kept bugging me as I was sitting watching the play, so I went outside and called Aaron's friend again and he said I should probably get there sooner rather than later. So now I'm freaking out a bit. I go the back of the church and ask one of the gals who watches my baby in the infant room on Sundays when the play is going to be over. She says she thinks it was going to be another 20 minutes, and she saw the look on my face and asked "Why?" And I said, "My husband is in the hospital, he was just in a dirtbike accident." And she reaches for my baby and says "Go"...and I said, "I can't" and she says "Why?" And I say "I've got all 4 of my kids here, and my grandparents are here." And she says "I'll have my husband take you to the hospital, and you leave the two little girls here with me and I'll work everything out with your grandparents to make sure the girls get home." So, I left her with the diaper bag and the keys to my car, and I took off with her husband who I had never met before in my life, and he drove me all the way to the hospital and was even going to stay there with me if I needed him to. And the lady from church got together with my grandparents after the play and let them know what was going on and everything worked out OK. I was just so humbled that someone I barely even knew would extend that sort of kindness to our family, and I felt really blessed to be a part of our church community. We've only been going to this church for about 7 months, and this isn't the first time that people have shown extreme kindness to our family, and for that I'm really grateful and I thank God for leading us to this church.

At the same time, like I said before, I'm exhausted and probably pretty stressed. And my kids are fighting 11 year old is the instigator most of the time and I don't know how to teach her to be the bigger person when her sisters piss her off. She has to resort to being their age, and it's really frustrating. And then of course she tries to blame them for her behavior...and I'm like "They are 6 and 4, you are 11"...but she doesn't seem to get the concept that she should behave in a way that is more mature than her younger sisters. Don't know what I'm going to do about that either...but it's not just her, it's all of them. And most people who grew up with siblings tell me that it's normal for them to fight like that, but it drives me freakin' insane! I just don't understand how they can have common courtesy for their friends and strangers, but treat each other like crap.

Anywho...I have to get everyone ready for bed now...that was a pretty long one, sorry about that. Hopefully you aren't sleeping by now.


Andrea said...

I hope everything is OK. If you need anything at all, I am here for you!
Please know you all are in our thoughts :)

Danielle said...

Holy Crap, and I was going to give you grief for not posting anything in a few days. Now I have guilt...
Lots of good get well vibes coming your way! Call on me if you need anything.