Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So, I sat here for like 2 minutes to think of a clever title for today's blog, and I thought to myself "That's way too long to be thinking of a title, so this one gets to be unnamed". But let me give you a few examples of what ran through my head:

1. That Damn Cat (as I was thinking of names, my fat kitty was outside my bedroom door meowing and scratching (with her non-claws) at my door) And I kid you not, she is doing it again right this second. ugh

2. Huh (that's the noise I make when I'm thinking really hard)

3. I Want Candy (that song popped into my head while I was thinking)

4. Dude (I say that a lot, so that's why I thought of it)

5. I Should Be Working (self-explanatory)

I wish I had 5 more, so I could be like Letterman's Top 10 list, but I only have sorry about that.

I need to get my carpets cleaned, send some baby clothes to my step-mom so she can give them to her friend's daughter, organize my sh*t for a yard sale, finish laundry, clean the house, get rid of all my left over Mary Kay inventory, make an appointment to get my roots done, take my kids to get their hair cut, work on some Functional Spec documents for work (ick), fill out my 4-year-old's enrollment packet for Tutor Time (she starts their Pre-K program on Monday)...and that's all I can think of right now. Didn't really mean to make a laundry list of all my to-do's, but that's what came to my head, so that's what you get at 10:25pm on a Wednesday...which I thought was a Thursday because this whole week has been jacked with my husband being in the hospital. I thought tonight was the PTA meeting because I was pretty sure it was Thursday, so I had even arranged for my MIL to come over and watch the girls...but when I picked them up from their after school program today, the little bulletin board said 12/11...and alas, today is only 12/ I had to call my MIL and explain to her what a dork I was and ask if she would please watch the girls tomorrow since that's when the actual PTA meeting is. duh

I need a massage in the worst way, my back and neck are a freakin' mess...maybe I can pencil that amongst all the other crap I have to do. Oh yeah, and add to the list that I need an oil change. OH!! And Christmas shopping! Gee that's a pretty big one. I actually have all the females in my family shopped's just the guys now, and they should actually be pretty easy since dudes like just about whatever you get them. I always get some aftershave or cologne for my step-dad, and he always asks if I'm trying to give him hints that he stinks. hehe He doesn't stink. Aaron is getting underwear and some other practical stuff, since he got his big toy for his bday in November. My dad needs a straight jacket because he has been writing a computer program for real estate agents for about a month now, and when I talked to him yesterday he said he has been working at least 15 hours a day, and most recently pulled a 24 hour shift and only took a 3 hour nap after that. My dad is somewhat of a weirdo. And I'm getting my grandpa a book and maybe some cologne...I'm getting him the book "There are no atheists in foxholes"...I figure it's a book he can read while he's pooping and he might actually like the stories since he's an inactive Marine (he says you can't say 'ex-Marine' because once a Marine, always a Marine). My Father-in-Law will get some practical stuff too, cuz he won't buy new socks or underwear (or any type of clothing for that matter) for himself. I got him some warm flannel jammies and some socks last it's probably time to change the oil in the undies this year. And then my MIL's husband will probably get something golf-related since that's his pasttime. And now you also know my laundry list of Christmas presents. Man...sorry about my lame post topics.

Alright, I really do need to work on that Functional Spec thingie I mentioned before. Have a great night!

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Danielle said...

your post cracked me up. I love the list of xmas gifts...You should hit costco and just buy things in bulk and then pack them in a nice christmas basket of goodies! ha.