Monday, December 1, 2008

December Already!!

It's 5:10pm and I should be leaving work to make sure I pick up the kids on time, but I haven't this will be brief.

Thanksgiving was major drama. Day after Thanksgiving I took the kiddos out to my grandparents and let the 3 older girls spend the night, so they could do Christmas decorating. Hubby and I watched "Flightplan" that night after the baby went to sleep. Saturday afternoon I picked up the girls, and we just came home and hung out for awhile. Saturday night I went out to Fountain Hills to hang out with my best girlfriends from BFF lives in Germany now, so we only see each other about once a year. Sunday I sang at church, then came home, ate lunch and drove back out to Fountain Hills with all the kids to see my BFFs kids and her brothers' kids. In total, there were 11 kids at their house including my 4. Crazy stuff! But it was really fun. Sunday evening just had dinner at home, and got everyone ready for the week.

My daughter procrastinated on her science project, so I spent the last 20 minutes downloading Hurricane Summaries for the last 5 years...yay me.

Okay, gotta go now so I'm not late picking up the kiddos...

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