Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Monday

So, I haven't blogged since Thursday so lets recap shall we?

Friday I had a meeting in Tucson to do requirements gathering for several projects we are going to be kicking off with a new client. We left our office in Chandler at 8am, to get to the meeting at 10. We were in the meeting until 2:30, got back to Phoenix about 4:30ish. I scrambled to get my Phoenix Zoo membership bought online because I was taking the girls to the zoo on Saturday, and I had procrastinated (gee, what a shock). I had to have Aaron call me when he got home to read me the Promo Code so I could save $11. yippee! Friday night we did Friday Night Dinner at Durazzo's...where my meatloaf was SUPER salty and I didn't eat very much of it. After the 3 younger girls went to bed, I took my oldest to the 9:40pm showing of Twilight...there was no line, but the theater was pretty full so we had to sit down in those seats where you have to strain your neck to look up at the screen. Of course it wasn't as good as the book, the characters were not who I would have pictured any of them to look like, I think Jacob was the closest to what I pictured (but did you know that Jacob was "Shark Boy"?? My daughter pointed that out to me!). The acting was pretty bad in my opinion, it just didn't seem like there was very much chemistry between Edward and Bella except during the parts where the camera was just spinning around them, but you couldn't actually hear them talking, it was just the soundtrack in the background. That was when the relationship looked the most "real" to me. I think their effect for their skin in the sunlight was cheesy...but I also heard that they did not have a very big budget for this I guess it was pretty good for what they had. I will look forward to the next movie and hopefully it will be better. :)

Saturday I took all 4 girls to the was sort of for my 4 year old's bday even though her bday was the weekend before. We went with our friends and their little girl. Everyone had fun, even though my 4 year old kept asking about riding the dang carousel every 2 seconds. We only made it about 3 hours...then we went to lunch at NYPD pizza, it was YUMMY! After we got home, I laid down with the baby and took about a 2 hour nap. Aaron had been with his Dad at the boat races all day...he got home about 5:30 or so. We had dinner and that was about it for Saturday.

Sunday morning I was singing in choir at church, so I had to be there at 9am. We were having a combined service called "Together at 10", where instead of having an 845 and a 1030, we just moosh them together at 10. It was their annual administrative meeting pretty much...where they elect or re-elect board members, talk about the budget for the upcoming year, and have a big BBQ. It was pretty informative, and I'm actually glad that they share that information with us. I know some people get their panties in a bunch when churches talk money, but I would rather know where my money is going than be kept in the dark, ya know? And we have a pretty awesome church in my humble opinion. We've only been going since June/July of this year, and are already more connected than at any church I've attended in the past 10 years. Well, I can't say that...because I did love my church in Vegas too...but that's been like 7 years ago now. Anywho, after church we ate lunch, and I tried to take a nap, but didn't get a very good one. I cleaned the house...then, about 5pm the baby decided she needed to take an hour power nap...which I took with her, and it was really all I needed to feel energized. Got up, ate dinner, Aaron's mom came over to watch the kids and Aaron and I went to go see a movie. It was nice of him to arrange that...he said since he had been with his dad all weekend he wanted to make sure we had some time too so he could let me know I was "numero uno". Awww how sweet, hehe. it's Monday and I have a bunch of crap to do this week seeing as it's only a 3-day week. But I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving! Oh, and my best friend since 6th grade is in town for a couple of weeks! She lives in Germany with her husband and kids since her hubby is in the Air Force they are stationed at a base I don't get to see her very often.

Okay...that's it for now. Have a great Monday!


Danielle said...

Wow you're weekend was busy. Let me know when you go to the zoo next maybe we can meet you there!

Danielle said...

Sorry for my poor grammar in my above comment. I hate it when I do that!!