Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Such a Dork

So, I wrote on my calendar on the fridge that my two daughters had their doctor appointments today. My baby was going in for her 9 month well-check and my 11 year old had to get some immunizations required by the school. So, we show up, I write our names on the list...they ask me for our last name so they could pull the charts and they aren't there. But not to worry they said, sometimes they aren't pulled the night before. Then they are going to check me in on the computer and they tell me "Actually your appointments aren't until THURSDAY". I say "Oh crap" and proceed to get ready to go, but then the gal says "But, your doctor isn't going to be working on Thursdays anymore, so lets see if we can just move you over to today". Which they were able to do, and my girls got their checkups after all. So I come home and check my Outlook calendar where I initially marked the appointment, and lo and behold, there it sat on THURSDAY's date...so I wrote it down wrong on my fridge calendar. I'm such a dork.

So...then I was at Target during my lunch hour today, and I forgot my cell phone in the car...when I get back, I have 1 Voicemail. I listen to it...it says "Hello. Did you VOTE yet??"...click. It was my grandpa...he's also a dork, wonder where I get it from? But alas, no, I have not voted yet. Hubby said we would go together at 2pm, but then called and asked if we can go at 3pm. I'm working from home today, so our voting place is at a church right down the road...if we go much after 3 it's going to be PACKED as people are getting off work. So if he's not here by then, I'm going without him! hehe I'm such a rebel.

Oh yeah...and the word I was looking for yesterday was "therapeutic"...it came to me while I was standing in the kitchen at 3am this morning with a 9 month old that wanted to play instead of go back to sleep. OH the joys of being a mommy.

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