Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stoofed, Massages and Steve-O

Today was my co-worker Tana's one-year anniversary with the how time flies. We ate at Gardunos (sorry I don't have the squiggly thing to go over the "n"...just pretend it's there). I had the Asada Steak enchilada con arroz y frijoles (that's rice & beans for my non-Spanish speaking friends)...and now I am stoofed. That is my word for "stuffed" when I have eaten so much I pretty much feel like I'm either going to puke, or poop my pants. I would prefer not to do either one, but we'll see what happens.

On the bright side, it is Massage Wednesday...what is that you may ask? Above mentioned co-worker has a daughter who is a massage therapist. And our lovely bosses have her come in every Wednesday to give us 10 minute massages...yay! This is one of the main reasons that Wednesdays rock. I just hope I don't puke or poop my pants during my massage.

And finally, Steve-O...Steve is my Father-in-Law's name, and he came to town today. In the 3 years that Aaron and I have been together, every time Steve said he was coming to town, he never actually showed up. Aaron has actually been waiting at the airport for him, when he'll get a call saying that he couldn't get a ride to make his flight or whatever. So, I kinda waited until about 11am to call Aaron and see if his Dad made it; he was picking him up at 9am, so I figured if he didn't show again, it would have given Aaron a couple hours to cool off. But he actually came! So, now we have an interesting 3 or 4 days ahead of us...Steve is an alcoholic, but I'm sure Aaron is not going to let him drink while he's at our house because Steve is not so cool to be around when he's drunk. Steve is also on meds for depression, may possibly be bipolar as well...not sure. He's always been pretty decent when we've visited him in New Mexico...and he just met Audra for the first time back in August, and he was great with her. But we've never had him at our house for 4 days straight...wish us luck! Oh...and Aaron has a little brother who went to jail for beating up his dad awhile, maybe we'll try to avoid that reunion this time around. Family drama, gotta love it. NOT! (in Borat's voice)

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