Monday, November 17, 2008

Okay, my brain is functioning again

OK...I'm somewhat back to "normal" now, so this blog will be a summary of everything from last Thursday to current. :) I'll try to summarize as well as I can, otherwise we'll be here all darn day.

So...last Thursday was my busy day, preparing for Rocky Point and well as the "secret" that I had. I don't think anyone that knows my husband, would also be reading my blog, but I didn't want to take any chances. The "secret" was that I bought my husband a brand-spankin' new dirtbike for his bday. A 2008 Suzuki RM-Z450 to be exact, never been ridden...fuel-injected (whatever that means)...pretty sweet bike. I wasn't going to give it to him until Christmas, but he had an old bike that he was riding that broke down the last time he took it out, and it also didn't have the power that he needed at the motocross track, so I decided to give it to him for his birthday which was that Friday. So, my friend Erica's husband, Brian, who is now friends with my husband, helped me with the surprise by going down and picking it up from Apache Motorcycles...since I couldn't really be like "Honey, can I borrow your truck today?" Then, Brian brought it over to Aaron at about 3pm on Thursday...under the guise of going for an afternoon ride. Mind you, Aaron's bike was broken, so Brian told him he had a "loaner" bike from one of his buddies, so Aaron could ride his bike. So, when he got to the house, Aaron was like "Your friend lets you ride THIS bike? It looks like it's never even been ridden." Brian was like "Yeah, my buddy is pretty cool." At this time, I'm coming up behind them with my video camera, and Aaron asks "Who's your buddy?" And Brian points to me and says "That's my buddy" Aaron turns around and I say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" Aaron was in shock and disbelief for about 10 minutes...I was really hoping he was going to jump up and down and shriek like a girl...but that didn't happen. Oh well. They took the bike out for a ride, I caught it all on video camera and it was awesome. (Okay so much for trying to keep this short)

Next Friday through Sunday we were in Rocky was GORGEOUS! The beach house was awesome, we had a great time hanging out with the kids on the beach and taking them into town for carne asada tacos and quesadillas. My oldest daughter caught hermit crabs, my middle two got their hair braided on the beach, and the baby just sort of hung out. It will probably be better for her after she's walking, so maybe we'll go again next year. It was a great first experience for us with Rocky husband had been before, but the girls and I had never been. However, Aaron had never stayed in a house that was right on the beach. It was pretty awesome...we shared the house with my friend and her kids, and another family and their two kids. But we felt like we were "rich" vacationers...hehe.

Monday it was back to work and school for everyone, that day was pretty normal.

Tuesday was Veteran's day, and my work-from-home I had my two school-aged daughters at home with me. That's when my oldest daughter's pain started...she had surgery on her left ovary on April 22nd this year (my 28th bday), and she was having pain in that area again. But, she's kinda at "that age" we weren't sure if it was "cramps" or something because it ended up going away. I still called her pediatrician though, and she said to call her surgeon's office and see if they could schedule an ultrasound. So, I did that...they said they could order a STAT ultrasound but that it would probably take 24-48 hours to schedule anyway, and that if she continued to have pain to just take her to the ER. She was fine for the rest of Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, my daughter had the pain again and I could tell it was worse this time. So, I got all the kids off to school and daycare and we headed down the Phoenix Children's Hospital ER. They did the ultrasound and confirmed that her left ovary was twisted again, and they prepped her for surgery yet again. The "usual" cause for an ovary to twist is a large cyst on the ovary that makes it heavy...however, Sereana did not have this. So, they really don't know what was causing hers to twist, and the surgeon said that it was really unusual for it to twist a second time. This time they put some stitches from the ovary to the abdominal wall to "tack it down"...surgeon said they don't do this the first time because there is no conclusive evidence that it prevents the ovary from twisting again, and it also causes scar tissue which can create its own problems. But because the ovary twisted the second time, he was going to go ahead and try this procedure. By the time we got to the surgery pre-op room, my grandparents and my mom and her husband were at the hospital. We sort of do this every time something happens to one of us, the whole famn damily converges on the location...hehe. It's funny when the doctor walks into the room to see 5 adults staring him in the face. Anywho, surgery took about 2 hours...then she had to hang out in the recovery area for another hour or two to make sure she was coming out of the anesthesia okay. Spent the night at the hospital, and got released Thursday morning around 10am. Took her home and let her relax for a little bit...then I took her over to my grandparents' house that evening because I figured she'd have a bit more peace and quiet over there than at our house with her 3 sisters.

Friday was a pretty "normal" day...I went to work and everything, and called to check on my big girl about 3 times, where she acted like a normal "tween" answering my questions in simple one-word answers. ha! It was also my third daughter's 4th birthday! My has the time flown!

Saturday was crazy again, because I had been planning on having my daughter's bday party on Sunday afternoon...but my husband thought it would be better to have it on Saturday afternoon. And of course because of all the hullabaloo from the week, I didn't do ANYTHING towards getting prepared. I was supposed to take my girls to another friend's bday party that morning, but didn't get to because I was cleaning the house in a frenzy. I also had to do the shopping to get the food, and hadn't bought any bday presents yet, so I had to do that too...and at some point I needed to put on makeup and get out of my "running around" clothes. But, the party went well...we just did a family party. I'm not one of those moms that can organize really cool parties for 10 other little kids and their parents. I think I did it ONCE when my oldest daughter was 5, and on a soccer team...we invited all the kids from the soccer team to a bday party at the park with one of those bounce house cost a fortune, and I never did it again. hehe

Sunday I was singing in our worship band at church, so I had to be there at 9:45am. Hubby brought the kiddos to church with him at 10:30...we got out at Noon. Went home, ate lunch...and I told Aaron I needed to have some time to myself (he had ridden his dirtbike for about 4 hours on it was my turn). So, Erica and I met up at Desert Ridge, got some Starbucks, talked and walked around the shops and stuff. It was a much needed break. Got home, Aaron went riding with Erica's husband and another buddy of his til about dinner time. My grandpa brought my oldest home from her weekend of recovery...we had home-made mac & cheese and hot dogs and everyone started their bed-time routine to get ready for the week.

And here we another Monday...Lord please fend off any further craziness...the holidays are gonna be enough. hehe

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Danielle said...

Holy smokes, that a lot dude! Here's to a stress free week!! Hope your daughter is feeling tip top today!